Fundraiser set up for 'Burley Banksy' as Leeds United fans slam mural cover-up

A fundraiser has been set up for the 'Burley Banksy' - as Leeds United fans slammed the cover-up of his art

By Daniel Sheridan
Monday, 9th September 2019, 2:13 pm
A mural by the Burley Banksy

-> 'I am heartbroken': Graffiti group claim responsibility for covering up 14 'Burley Banksy' Leeds United muralsAndy McVeigh, 49, has spent the last 12 months coming up with creative designs to paint over graffiti or brighten up the dull electrical boxes and bollards around Elland Road.

Andy - dubbed the 'Burley Banksy' by friends - creates pieces for iconic moments throughout the history of the club.

However, 14 pieces of Andy's work has been covered over the weekend.

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This followed a previous incident where two boxes were covered in red paint.The pieces covered include a poignant mural tribute to Gary Speed - which was painted over on the morning of his birthday by the group.

Now, 'Leeds Residents Against Graffiti' have claimed responsibility for the cover-up.

Leeds United fans took to social media to slam the work of the group as a fundraiser was set up.

A representative from Talking Shutt - a Leeds United fan podcast - questioned the motives of the graffiti group.

They said: "What gives people the right to cover these up? They aren't hurting anyone, these self centered idiots just think their opinion counts.

"Regardless of it being "football" or "Leeds United" it is part of the city.

"The makeup of the city, a diverse city where people have multiple differing interests.

"To think your interest is better than anyone else isn't being a person of leeds.

"The art was a celebration of the city."

On social media, fans reacted with fury at the cover-up.

Jaime Collins said: "That should be classed as vandalism!!! What an eye sore I'm pretty sure people would rather see artwork than that black mess that's been left behind!! They should be ashamed!.

Tim Kinnear-Smith said: "Absolutely disgraceful on what would have been Gary Speed's 50th birthday."

Emma Collie added: "I do support Leeds, but even if I didn't these paintings on the electric boxes are fun and inspiring whatever the subject."

The fundraiser set up has raised almost £250 of a £500 target this morning.

A post on the GoFundMe page, set up by Danielle Whisker, said: "We particularly think he deserves some support following the heartbreaking vandalisation of his Gary Speed memorial on what would have been Gary's 50th birthday.

"We'd like to show him that the city appreciates his efforts, so any donations that might help him to purchase new materials and protect his existing paintings would be greatly appreciated!

"Please feel free to leave words of support too!

To donate, click here.