Jurgen Klopp, Leeds United t-shirts and Elland Road protest - how fans reacted to European Super League backlash

Leeds United's 1-1 top flight draw with reigning champions Liverpool was dominated by the news of a European Super League.

By Joe Urquhart
Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 10:57 am
Updated Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 10:58 am
Leeds United wear 'Earn it. Football is for the fans' t-shirts ahead of kick-off against Liverpool. Pic: Simon Hulme
Leeds United wear 'Earn it. Football is for the fans' t-shirts ahead of kick-off against Liverpool. Pic: Simon Hulme

Fans came together outside Elland Road on Monday night to protest the decision from 12 clubs across Europe to set up a tournament that will challenge the Champions League.

Banners could be seen along with a plane being flown over the stadium prior to kick-off with a message of: "Say no to the Super League."

Leeds themselves wore t-shirts in the warm-up that read: "Earn it. Football is for the fans."

They also placed a banner in the Don Revie stand for the encounter which had the same slogan and left visiting manager Jurgen Klopp annoyed.

Here, we take a look at how fans reacted on social media to a busy night:

@The_BoleynBoys Brilliant to see all of football coming together today #LFC fans travelling to Elland Road tonight #LUFC fans joining them in protest. This will go on up and down the country!

@paulryder80 How does Klopp not understand that it’s not his players that we’re mad at? His owners have thrown the lot of them under the bus, our protests are at them, not Klopp and his lads. But he’s upset because we gave them some t-shirts. #lufc #Klopp

@lewis__lufc this game will go down in football history mark my words, the punditry, the protests, the uproar on social media. This will be talked about in years to come I’m almost certain of it. #lufc

@ba19974 @LUFC fantastic with your standing up for the fans of football tonight! Leeds United did football proud. And great result too lads.

@speleeds1 #Klopp has totally misread the t-shirt thing. #lufc are not having a go at the #lfc players. They're giving the Liverpool players the chance to join us in a protest against the #ESL. Which they chose not to do. #LEELIV

@NiallMcNamee Love Klopp but he’s taken this personally and making it about himself and I think he’s got it wrong there. None of this is directed at players or managers. Protest t-shirts offered to Liverpool players is clearly an invitation to join in the rebellion and stand up #LEELIV

@samhain1 Klopp needs to understand that the t shirt is a protest end of story, I’m sure the @LUFC know the players are caught up, if teams don’t protest this will happen.

@Newells_en Admirable stance taken against the Super League by #LUFC fans at Elland Road this evening featuring a quote from Marcelo Bielsa that sums it all up: “One of the reasons football is the most popular sport in the world is because the weak can beat the powerful”

@byron_lufc That’s now 4 of the ‘super 6’ clubs who have failed to beat newly promoted Leeds United at Elland road this season. We haven’t even played the other 2 yet. Super 6? Give me a break.

@Jordan1988Jones Spent way over our means in Europe and ended up in League 1. We earned our way back to the Prem over 16 long, frustrating, amazing years. Now you want a league with no relegation/competition ? A league with what we love about football, no longer there #SuperLeague #lufc