'I was crying at one o'clock in the morning when we were promoted' - meet the Indonesia Leeds United supporters group

We explore Leeds United's devoted following in Indonesia in our latest We All Love Leeds feature.
Teguh Sutasman poses with his Leeds United shirts.Teguh Sutasman poses with his Leeds United shirts.
Teguh Sutasman poses with his Leeds United shirts.

Leeds United boast one of the most passionate and loyal fan bases in world football.

No matter how far you go or where you travel, you're never a great distance from a club crest, scarf, car sticker or even welcoming a friendly salute, such is the outpouring.

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It is a football club that has tested the very core of its support during ups and downs on and off the pitch in recent history.

Leeds United Indonesia supporters club member Fauzi Hadi when visited Elland Road.Leeds United Indonesia supporters club member Fauzi Hadi when visited Elland Road.
Leeds United Indonesia supporters club member Fauzi Hadi when visited Elland Road.

Those far and wide, though - just like the city of Leeds - have remained steadfast and unwavering in their loyalty to the team that plies its trade in Beeston.

In the Yorkshire Evening Post’s We All Love Leeds series, we look at those supporters groups from far and wide around the world.

We examine their passion for Leeds United and get to the root of what makes the club so special to follow from all corners of the globe.

This week, we meet the Indonesia supporters club...

Leeds United Indonesia supporters club member Genta Pradipta with Michael Bridges.Leeds United Indonesia supporters club member Genta Pradipta with Michael Bridges.
Leeds United Indonesia supporters club member Genta Pradipta with Michael Bridges.
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Firstly, can you introduce yourself - tell us a little a bit about who you are and where you are from...

My name is Teguh Sutasman. I live in Bandung, Indonesia. I worked as a football writer, mostly covering a few European football leagues. My friends who come from Western countries used to call me Ted.

I first got to know Leeds United from television when I was 10 years old. At that time I accompanied my father, who is an AC Milan fan, to watch the Champions League live on Indonesian television.

At that time the English League was not the main spectacle in Indonesia. Apart from the Indonesian league, the Italian league was very popular here.

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Why are you a fan of Leeds United? What drew you to the football club?

Leeds' performance against AC Milan made me fall in love with the club. To see how brilliant Alan Smith, Lee Bowyer, Ian Harte, Gary Kelly, and Nigel Martyn were on the pitch at the San Siro.

Since then, everything is history. I am sure, there are a few Indonesians around my age who have supported Leeds from that moment.

Unfortunately when Leeds were relegated we weren't able to follow games on TV. Indonesians at that time had difficulty keeping up with Leeds because there was no football broadcast here from the Championship.

Fortunately, the internet has helped us keep in touch.

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Tell us about the Indonesia supporters club? How did it come to be? How many members do you have?

It all started from social media, we have about 50 members at the moment.

The group was set up in 2012 but I joined in 2013 and took over running the updates on Twitter. I also created an Instagram account and organised Leeds fans in Indonesia on Facebook.

Unfortunately, because Leeds played in the second division, it was very difficult for us to meet up to watch games live together.

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Also, with our members spread across several cities in Indonesia it has been fairly difficult.

Some of us come from the cities of Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Medan, Surabaya, as well as Bali. In Bali, there is a member, David Alridge, who is a season ticket holder at Elland Road.

We are well known among the fan base of supporters of other clubs in Indonesia. They applaud our patience and loyalty in continuing to follow Leeds United. Not everyone can do it, as you could imagine.

Because of that, they have a lot of respect for us. Everyone here is happy that Leeds have returned to the Premier League.

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Leeds' return is likely to change us forever. We are sure, in every major city in Indonesia, there will be special meet ups every weekend to watch the games now.

Why do you think Leeds fans - no matter where they are from - are so passionate and loyal to the club?

I believe that Leeds supporters are connected. We're one big family.

We from Indonesia have never been considered as 'a plastic fan'. Maybe because we support Leeds during all the ups and downs.

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I also believe that our football club is chosen for us, it isn't us who choose them.

I hope that Leeds will come on a pre-season tour to Indonesia in the future. We live in a country with the largest football market in the world. The proof, other clubs have a special account in Indonesian and have undergone a tour here.

Have you ever visited Elland Road? If not, is it on your list of things to do?

Some of us have visited Elland Road because they went to school there, or are originally from Leeds. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to visit Elland Road myself.

When my savings are sufficient, I plan on visiting one day.

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How has it been to follow the club in recent history? There have been plenty of ups and downs...

Following Leeds from here has driven us all crazy!

Imagine with a time difference of seven or eight hours, we often have to wake up at 2am in the middle of the week to watch games or even just to stream audio.

I was crying and screaming at one o'clock in the morning when I learned that Leeds were promoted to the Premier League.

What are your thoughts on Leeds finally being back in the Premier League? How do you think it will boost the supporters club?

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The number of followers of the Twitter account has increased already. There are a number of fan pages that have also appeared.

The strength of Leeds United, as well as Marcelo Bielsa, is very big here. Several media outlets and podcasts have invited us to discuss the club already.

Do you anticipate a boost in membership now Leeds are in the top flight

We plan to strengthen our ties and gather Leeds fans in several cities.

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We don't really care about our numbers, it's better to have a few but who are real fans of the club. Any new supporters will be a massive addition to our family of course.

Finally, is there anything else you'd like to mention the supporters club? A funny or heartwarming story?

I always wonder why we feel connected even though we rarely see each other because of distance and time.

One thing I remember, in 2016 we watched the game against Newcastle. At that time there were about 10 Newcastle fans with us trying to find somewhere to see the game.

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We found it difficult to find a place to watch to match with it being the Championship, so we ended up sitting in a KFC on our phones!

Members: 50

Location: Indonesia (Mostly living in Bandung, Jakarta, Bogor, Medan, and Bali)

Website (or Facebook group): INDOLEEDSUTD