How to follow Leeds United's game at Brighton as football unites for social media boycott and Marcelo Bielsa voices support

This weekend's growing boycott of social media will not magically cure the online world of racism.

Friday, 30th April 2021, 5:45 am
NO ROOM - Football is taking a stand against racism and abuse on social media platforms this weekend by boycotting them. Leeds United's own accounts will fall silent for almost four days. Pic: Getty

It will barely make a dent, when it comes to the backwards attitudes and views and vile abuse that spews forth from an endless multitude of anonymous accounts.

But that's not why Leeds United s Twitter account will be silent for the guts of four straight days.

The point is that social media companies realise that football is serious in its determination to force and cajole more action from them.

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The point is that English football can do without their social media platforms, if it means taking a unified stand and shedding further light on a depressing issue that won't go away.

Other sports have elected to join in and the boycott is now stretching beyond the borders of this country.

It can only be described as a start, in this fight, but you have to start somewhere.

It's not the cure but it's something and something seems better than nothing.

My own Twitter account will be inactive, as will those of my colleagues Joe Urquhart and Lee Sobot.

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Football and Leeds United march on together this weekend and the hope is that many, many fans will too. It's a personal choice as to whether you Tweet or update your Facebook, but even if you consider this a futile exercise, it's got you thinking about the matter at hand.

The abuse being sent to individuals, be they Premier League footballers or fans, has to be stopped.

Marcelo Bielsa, as is his way, said it perfectly: "The possibility to cause harm anonymously and to cause harm or damage to someone unjustly, the possibility to do this without consequences, they are realities which should be combatted.

"I ignore the effect of the boycott, I don't know if anyone can predict it. What I feel is very important is that we try. Football has the ability to put on show things in a social sense that aren't looked into as profoundly if they were demanded elsewhere. Football normally shows things that are happening in society. They show this in a bigger stage and in a bigger way than those who actually suffer these types of things. To put on show these things that happen in society is important."

We have to try.