'Growing on me' - Leeds United fans split over new home shirt for 2021/22 Premier League season

Leeds United revealed their new home shirt officially on Thursday for the upcoming season - but what did supporters make of it? The design has split opinion it seems.

Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 11:45 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 11:46 am
Leeds United winger Jack Harrison in the club's new home shirt. Pic: LUFC

@Smalley_10 Do I like the new LUFC home kit? Not really. Did I buy it anyway? Damn right I did. We are premier Leeds.

@Jeffsy1 Unpopular opinion, but the home kit is growing on me! #LUFC

@LUFCLiam_2 I won’t lie, the kits growing on me.

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@NakedFarang Beautiful. I cannot get my head around any Leeds fan not liking that. I suppose with everything else going so well, they need something to moan at.

@JSlingz Looks like I'm sticking with last seasons home shirt then, this is very basic & that collar is awful. Disappointing. Fingers crossed for the away & 3rd kit.

@RicardoDaLepp Not keen on the yellow shoulder stripes nor the blue sleeve sponsor rectangle. Looks very disjointed. What is that odd-looking anthropomorphic shape in front of the main shirt sponsor? Looks like a rejected 2012 Olympic symbol prototype. Not our best kit by some way.

@HunsletJames83 Don’t mind it to be honest only so much you can do with a white shirt and unless you are a global force you are always going to get a template design from @adidasfootball think the away tops will be cracking though #Lufc

@dlturner4 Don't like it and I'll be sticking with last seasons blue trim. Why can't we just have white. I'm sure Adidas could have manufactured the stripes to have been a little deeper shade so everyone knew it was their kit. White and yellow just isn't scaring anybody this season.

@foz_182 I'm in the minority it seems, but I love this.

@LukeMOTv2 Sleeve sponsor ruins it a bit. Not as good as last seasons.

@22YorkshireI’ll get used to it I suppose, it’s not my fave #lufc #mot