Get Jarrod Bowen from Hull City and get Leeds United promoted - David Prutton

CLINICAL: Hull City's Jarrod Bowen. Photo by James Chance/Getty Images.CLINICAL: Hull City's Jarrod Bowen. Photo by James Chance/Getty Images.
CLINICAL: Hull City's Jarrod Bowen. Photo by James Chance/Getty Images.
LEEDS UNITED are still trying to bring in a new striker to replace recalled former Arsenal loanee Eddie Nketiah and it has been well documented that Southampton’s Che Adams has been their No 1 target.

There’s an assumption there that a player who has scored a lot of goals in the Championship but who hasn’t found the net since he has moved to the Premier League is going to hit the ground running.

That’s a lot of expectation and I am sure Che has got a lot of things to prove and I am sure that playing for a club the size of Leeds United would really appeal to him.

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He’d want to make sure that these last few months where he has had to sit on his hands and not been able to show what he can do are put behind him with a good spell at Leeds.

But if that’s not to be the case and Southampton will not let him go even for the suggested figure in the high teens of millions plus loan fee then Leeds need to move on and reassess who they focus their efforts on because the clock is ticking towards the end of the transfer window.

You never know, something might come out of nowhere but, on the flip side, you might rush something over the line because it’s a bit of a panic deal which sometimes causes more problems than brings answers.

I think Che would bring a very muscular and powerful element to the way that Leeds go forward. He is a hard-working lad who did so well to get himself into the Premier League and any player who has done that but hit the buffers a little bit would want to get out and prove himself at a team where, in theory, his goals could help them get promoted.

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There’s obviously a concern among fans over what would happen if Leeds don’t manage to bring anyone in and Patrick Bamford gets injured and it’s a tough one because you are operating under ‘what if?’

But I am surprised, and maybe it’s because of the finances around Leeds United, that they haven’t gone in for Hull City’s Jarrod Bowen.

There is an amazing stat’ of him either scoring or being involved in more goals than anybody else in the Championship since he stepped foot in it three seasons ago, which is ridiculous.

For £20m, yes it’s a lot of money but if you spend that in January and you get promoted you get £200m back.

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Also, the deal to bring Helder Costa to Leeds is costing around £15m and in 27 appearances he has got three goals.

In 25 appearances in the Premier League last season, he got one goal and in the 36 games he played the season before he got five goals.

Assists-wise it’s one this season so what are you buying for £15m?

On his day, he can be an effective player but he hasn’t done anywhere near enough for Leeds as he should have done.

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Spending £15m doesn’t guarantee you to be a runaway top-of-the-table side.

It’s also not solely the centre-forward’s responsibility when you play in a team such as this which allows players to flood forward and take risks at the back with regard to how high up you win the ball. You need the team to collectively click as a goal-scoring whole.

If not you say ‘here you go Hull, here’s £20m, he’s only got to move 40 yards up the road so Jarrod come and do what you have done for Hull for Leeds United within the framework of what Marcelo Bielsa wants’.

This is not me saying Leeds need to go financially gung-ho because we have seen them do that in years gone by and seen the club cave-in.

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But if you are looking at spending money in this particular window then yes Che did well the last time he was in the Championship but confidence is a big thing in football.

Has his confidence been knocked by not being able to score goals at Southampton and also not being able to have the opportunity to score goals?

You can’t just assume that he will come back and hit the ground running at this level. That’s a punt.

But you can look at Jarrod and what he has done this season and with regards to how effective he has been across several seasons and signing him for £20m.

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Last season, he got 22 goals, the season before he got 14 and this season he has got 16 already.

He’s 23 and if you give him another five months at this level and even if he cost £20m and Leeds did not go up, he would still probably be worth more by the end of the season anyway.

Him playing for Hull City is a different set of circumstances and a different set of expectations but if he went to Leeds and took to it like a duck to water, suddenly Premier League teams would be saying ‘hang on, he can play for a massive football club, so come and play for us in the Premier League.’

It’s easy to just sit here and pontificate and say go for Jarrod Bowen but when you are looking at speculating to accumulate it’s not a £50m player that is going to be sat on the bench.

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If they paid £20m for him and he goes into the team then with the type of player and lad that he is, he strikes me as someone that would relish that challenge.

Plus he can also play out wide and can you even say what his best position is?

The cameo he had last season last Christmas time when Hull played counter-attacking football basically with him on his own with Kamil Grosicki in support was phenomenal. It took Leeds apart.

United visit QPR today and they are quite capable of scoring goals but they also concede them against both intricate attacks and very straightforward ones.

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In last weekend’s game there were innovative set-pieces from Brentford but basic man- marking and organisation helps yourself in that situation.

Coming off the back of that defeat in a west London derby, QPR will be smarting.

But, having scored 11 goals in their two previous games, Leeds have got to be very, very careful.

There’s no way they can be going there thinking it’s going to be walk in the park.