'Feels like a lifetime ago' - Leeds United fans share memories from final Elland Road experience one year on

It's one year since Leeds United fans last visited Elland Road as the coronavirus pandemic emerged.

Leeds United celebrate Luke Ayling's goal against Huddersfield Town at Elland Road. Pic: Jonathan Gawthorpe
Leeds United celebrate Luke Ayling's goal against Huddersfield Town at Elland Road. Pic: Jonathan Gawthorpe

Today marks a whole 12 months since Leeds United supporters were last allowed into the stands at Elland Road

Marcelo Bielsa's side toppled Yorkshire neighbours Huddersfield Town 2-0 and there was a special Luke Ayling goal to celebrate.

We asked fans for their memories from the last time they visited LS11 on a matchday... here's what they had to say:

@ricky_bobbo Feels like 10 years. What a way to go out though... that @lukeayling_8 goal was an absolute belter, one of best I’ve seen live. Can’t wait for a packed ER in Prem.

@holtdaniel123 What a day that was. Not long now.

@hazelgrave_paul Right behind it in the Captain's Lounge! Similar view when Sniffer scored against Barcelona in Semi Final of European Cup 1975. But that time I was in the Lowfields looking towards the Gelderd that night. Enjoyed both goals, especially from the views I was blessed with! On and on.

@WarfieldWarf One year ago since last football match I went to.

@robdaws96 I remember they marketed that ‘touch elbows’ thing in response to what was going on, and we took it as a bit of a joke, jumped about with everyone anyway 3 minutes in for the goal. Few days later the league gets suspended. I sometimes forget how quickly it hit us in that week.

@johntleeds Crikey, what a year! I was right behind Ayling in line with the goal when he levitated to thump that one in. That was the moment when I finally thought "This is actually happening!"

@LeedsUnitedLiam A year since we were at Elland Road. Miss it so much.

@fladog82 Feels like a lifetime ago!

@JimSmallUK East Stand lower with my boy. One of the best goal celebrations ever, thought we were going up after that. Can’t wait to get back in.

@MrPaulRobinson My phone went flying when Ayling scored, couldn't celebrate properly because I was scrabbling around trying to find it on the floor. Yes, I'm the real victim in all of this.

@AliKitch1 I was there and remember the increased amount of people washing there hands which you don't see usually at the match and talking about the virus and maybe it could be serious. Seems like a lifetime ago.

@serene4uk East stand upper. Brilliant performance, amazing goal @lukeayling_8, daft half-time wedding vows thing. So sad it’s so long ago and so much has happened since good and bad.

@arjenmark Sat in the West Stand almost directly in line with Ayling when he volleyed in THAT goal. ER exploded. Bill’s celebration. Atmosphere off the scale. Banter between South Stand and HT fans hilarious. Magic day. Simultaneously grateful to have been there and missing it massively.

@KeithP274 In the family stand with the boy, we'd just settled in before Jack went whizzing past and put the ball across the box. I thought he'd over hit it, then Ayling arrives out of nowhere and the crowd went wild! Up there with the best goals I've ever seen seen at ER.

@G1ng3rPaul In the cheese wedge with relatives, we travelled down from Glasgow to meet with my Leeds-based cousins. Brother-in-law said "What if we scored in the first five minutes" 20 seconds before the cross for Ayling. Limbs. Screaming. Bleeding shins from seat in front. Utter joy. #MOT

@ExcelEventsYork South stand lower to the right of the goal. Enjoyed Bill's goal. The eruption afterwards. The win and the banter with the Town fans. Leeds are going up and the Town are going down chant. Brilliant. A brilliant day. We need this again MOT