European Super League banners greet Manchester United at Elland Road ahead of Leeds United meeting

A number of anti-European Super League banners were placed at Elland Road ahead of kick-off between Leeds United and Manchester United.

A number of banners were placed at Elland Road ahead of kick-off. Pic: Tony Johnson
A number of banners were placed at Elland Road ahead of kick-off. Pic: Tony Johnson

The Whites were vocal in their opposition to the so-called "big six" in the Premier League agreeing a breakaway competition with 12 other rebel clubs from across Europe.

The competition - which was set to challenge the UEFA Champions League - was thought up among the bigger teams from England, Spain and Italy and proposed no relegation for the yearly tournament among the founding members.

Leeds fans gathered to protest on Monday night ahead of a game with Liverpool before plans were quickly scrapped on Tuesday following the initial announcement last weekend.

A number of banners were placed at Elland Road ahead of kick-off. Pic: Tony Johnson

Angus Kinnear also hit out at the idea in his programme notes ahead of kick-off in LS11 on Sunday where Leeds host bitter rivals and one of the clubs involved in the breakaway - Manchester United.

One banner read: "Open letter to the FA - You must be strong for the sake of the future of football in England! Stop being scared of MUFC! Don't let them bully and threaten you anymore," the letter begins.

"LUFC had 10 and 15 pts deducted and 16 years out of the PL because of the behaviour of our clubs' owners, and so don't tell us 'it's not the fans or players fault, and that the FA cannot and should not punish the greedy six with points deductions and relegation.

"FA - bottling it would clearly be pandering, weakness and preferential treatment for the Greedy Six, and a betrayal of everyone in the game and of the very history of our game. The Greedy Six believe that the FA are oo [sic] scared of them to punish them properly.

"Consistency and proportionality is of paramount importance.

"Leeds City are the only team ever to have been kicked out of the League by you, The FA, and that was because of the behaviour of our owners, and when that happened the people of Leeds gathered together as one and United to form Leeds United

"Fail to punish the Greedy Six properly and proportionately and then the FA simply look as though they are in existence mainly for the benefit of the Greedy Six and not equally for all in the game. You have to be fair and be seen to be fair, without favouritism, otherwise your role is defunct.

"16 years out of the PL has given all Leeds United fans an amazing perspective and appreciation for the PL, and we are delighted to be back! MUFC have no appreciation or perspective. The Greedy Six are guilty of the biggest betrayal of the FA and all it's clubs and fans., in the history of the FA and without question the worst ever example of not acting in the spirit of the game and bringing the game into disrepute, even with their own fans. Unprecedented behaviour requires unprecedented punishment and deterrent!

"Without proper punishment they will just regroup and do it again, with a properly mobilised PR team gathering fan and media support next time!

"Why should any of the Greedy Six win the League, the Cup or the Champions League and enjoy their big nights in Final's [sic] or winning the League this season when they do not even value any of that! How insincere and worthless would all that music, partying and fireworks celebrations look to everyone in football!

"They have undermined the meaning and value of the CL and PL, even for themselves.

"FA - you must be strong! For the sake of the continuing sustainable, long-term stability of the game, and for everyone involved in the game! LUFC MOT ALAW"

There were also a further two banners also placed outside the ground opposite the Billy Bremner statue near the East Stand - with clear messages opposing the Super League idea.