Leeds United must get house in order to have any chance on pitch '“ Ritchie

THE FANS at Leeds United must really be despairing at what is going on at their football club again with more unfortunate headlines this week.
Stuart Dallas celebrates his second goal at 
Birmingham City.Stuart Dallas celebrates his second goal at 
Birmingham City.
Stuart Dallas celebrates his second goal at Birmingham City.

It really is just one thing after the other at the minute. It is just crackers what is going on.

As an owner or a director of a football club, surely you have got to be mega-responsible. There was obviously Lucy Ward’s case for unfair dismissal and sex discrimination, which she won this week and all the reported comments. And before that, the FA charged director Edoardo Cellino over offensive remarks he made to a fan via Facebook.

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Why does Cellino’s son go on social media anyway for a start? You have got to be whiter than white surely?

You look at Leeds on the pitch this week and they go to Birmingham City and get a fantastic result at St Andrew’s and win 2-1 and you think that they are not majorly far away from having a team that can probably do half a job in the division.

But they really, really have to get things sorted behind the scenes and it is really one negative thing after another that fans are forced to deal with. Let alone the football and then all the managers they have had!

There’s obviously other cases coming up as well against the club and you just really have to feel sorry for the fans. Leeds got a good win in midweek and the shine was taken away from it...

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Yes, Leeds are safe in the Championship table at least now. But there’s so, so many other things that need addressing really quickly.

As a fan, you take whatever comes and goes, but they must be really brassed off. But just look at how much they have gone through thick and thin over the years and even after everything that has happened, the majority will still be there next season.

If Leeds do get it right and have the stability; just think what they could achieve.

Obviously, Brian McDermott comes back to Elland Road for the first time with Reading this afternoon and he should certainly get a good reception from home supporters.

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I think if you ask the majority of Leeds United fans they would say he was hard done to.

Brian is an honourable, decent guy and a lovely bloke and a really good coach. You tend to think if he was still at the club what might have happened. But it was not to be.

But I think the supporters should give him a great ovation, I really do. I’m not wanting him to win with Reading obviously, but I think they will be thankful for what he did during his time at Leeds when he put up with a lot.

Brian was wanting to build something at the club and Leeds desperately need someone to do that. Brian was looking to bring young players through; although to be fair Leeds have done since he has left. But you don’t want to lose them either, do you?

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They have already lost one in Sam (Byram) and there’s obviously the situation with Lewis Cook. Lewis is a fantastic player and a real talent and I am sure Leeds will have offers for him in the summer and for some others maybe as well.

You really have to try and keep your own talent. The academy is something to furnish your own team with; it is not there to make you millions.

The academy vehicle should be primarily used to get players into your side. Leeds should be trying to keep players like Cook, (Alex) Mowatt and (Charlie) Taylor.

The PFA player of the year awards take place on Sunday and looking at the main award in the Premier League, it is going to be very close, isn’t it?

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There’s obviously Harry Kane from Spurs and then Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez from Leicester among the contenders and if I had to pin my hat on someone, I think Mahrez might win it.

Goals make it for people and Kane is in the lead and Vardy has been brilliant as well. Kante has also had a fantastic season at Leicester in midfield and been awesome.

But being in the forwards’ club, my vote goes to Vardy!