Leeds United: Losing Paul Hart a big blow as fans vote with feet - Ritchie

JUST over 17,000 turned up for Leeds United's home game with QPR in midweek and that low crowd just shows the extent to which fans must just be really brassed off with the situation at the club at the minute.

Saturday, 9th April 2016, 7:32 am
Updated Saturday, 9th April 2016, 7:36 am
Paul Hart. Leeds United

Many are clearly just sick of what is happening.

You can shout and bawl and make as many comments as you want.

But when fans start actually making comments and voting with their feet by not going, then you know that they are really unhappy.

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Giuseppe Bellusci.

That is when you can tell that fans are truly brassed off with the whole situation – when many do not turn up as witnessed on Tuesday.

Once again, there’s so much uncertainty everything seems to be up in the air regarding the manager’s future and so on and it’s a case of not being able to really plan anything for next season – again.

Owner Massimo Cellino has not really said anything about whether Steve (Evans) is going to be okay or anything there and Steve has just got to somehow try and learn as much as he can about the players from now until the end of the season.

It’s a difficult position for him regarding not knowing his long-term future at the club. We will just have to wait and see, won’t we?

Giuseppe Bellusci.

Surely, all the money that Cellino has used to pay off managers and coaching staff in the past would have been better used in getting players into the club.

That’s what I can’t understand – having all these different managers.

There is not only the upheaval of it all – for the players and the fans and not to mention everybody who works at the club.

It affects everyone – right down to people like the canteen staff.

It’s a strange one and I am sure that money would be better spent on transfers.

This next close season will be a massive, massive one for Leeds.

The managerial uncertainty and situation at the club has gone on and on and there’s been this change and that change and so on. They really need to get something sorted at the club.

If there’s going to be another managerial or coaching change then that needs to be done the sooner the better.

If someone does come in and replaces Steve, if he is to go, then that bloke has got to be afforded a lot of time to see what he wants and needs.

Things at Leeds are just going around in circles and not getting any better. Luckily, it has not got a lot worse yet.

Paul Hart recently left his post as academy director at the club and, for me, that’s a big loss for Leeds – he is just a fantastic coach and a great bloke.

He taught me a hell of a lot in the short time that I worked with him at Barnsley and was ahead of his time and had such attention to detail.

Paul is great with the kids and obviously steeped in that from the year dot really and it was his second tenure at Leeds.

Obviously, if it is better for him family-wise, then he has got to think of that.

Purely from a footballing point of view for the lads in the academy, I have got to say that it is a sad day for them because he is brilliant with young players and they learn everything from him.

From the basics of discipline to fantastic skills, Paul is second to none. He is a fantastic coach of kids, absolutely brilliant and he will be a big loss for the club.

Leeds head into today’s game with Burnley after late developments went against them against QPR in midweek and against Rotherham United at the weekend.

The defensive deficiencies of Leeds have been highlighted in the past few games and the lack of a settled central defence. But the entire team is unsettled.

With quite a few of the lads Leeds have got at the back, you are going to have problems. (Giuseppe) Bellusci, who gave away the penalty against QPR and made a mistake against Rotherham, appears to have a short fuse, as does (Gaetano) Berardi.

You are going to be losing those people every so often. It is difficult also for others who are there at the back, such as Sol Bamba, and he has made errors as well.