Leeds United: Football must get its house in order - Ritchie

WITH EVERYTHING that has happened in football this week, the game really has to try and get everything sorted in regards to the rules and regulations and conduct of all those connected in it.
Sam Allardyce.Sam Allardyce.
Sam Allardyce.

The authorities have got to be able to ‘police’ the game because that is the hardest thing at the minute. How do we do that, I don’t know, but a way has to be found by all parties.

Looking at transfers, you have to go to not just the clubs and the managers, but to all of the agents and see every single report of every transaction and piece of paperwork. Although they might not have them all and some might want to cover up what is going on.

It is so hard to define and get on top of.

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Maybe there has to be an overall transfer governing body so everything is not just left to the agents and the clubs and managers and what have you. Maybe it should all go through a formal procedure where absolutely everything is signed for.

How they do it, I don’t know. But they have to find a way.

In terms of all the developments this week with the corruption allegations, I have to say I don’t think it has shocked me as I think situations like this have always gone on.

It is unfortunate in the respect that money continues to be going out of football with all the agents involved and it is the sign of the times.

In terms of the situation with Sam Allardyce and the Daily Telegraph sting, Sam was certainly a little bit naive and you cannot condone stuff like that.

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You look at England and they are in a bit of disarray at the minute and you wonder which way they are going to go.

Do they want another homegrown Englishman, which I think they should do, or do they go elsewhere?

Everyone talks about Eddie Howe being a great manager. But he isn’t ready for that and realises that as well and I don’t think Gareth Southgate really wants it.

Gareth is in charge for four games on an interim basis and is certainly well thought of by the FA and we will have to see how he does with it.

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You just don’t know, he might fancy it and have a change of heart if he does well – although he did not want it relatively recently.

One thing is that he is not under any pressure and is there on the say-so of the ‘big cheeses’ at the FA who have every faith in him, otherwise they would not have put him in there. I don’t think he is just in because he is ‘there’.

We will see. Will they go back to Glenn Hoddle? He was touted a little bit last time, wasn’t he?

It is a pressure situation, getting the right one for England, that is for sure.

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Obviously, there were some newspaper allegations against both clubs who play at Elland Road today in Leeds United and Barnsley.

Paul Heckingbottom will have lost somebody that he trusted in the Barnsley dressing room in his assistant Tommy (Wright). It can be disruptive, but you just have to get on with it.

I managed Hecky and know what type of person he is and he will get on with it and brush it aside and press on because they are having a great season.

On the pitch, Leeds have a bit of momentum too and are on a decent run and are playing better and look solid at the back.

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The news that Liam Bridcutt is out for a spell with a foot injury is a blow, though. Just when you think you are going on top of things... But Garry has to take that on the chin and work out a solution to that.

Today is an important game against a side having a fantastic season who will be wanting to keep that going and similarly Leeds want to continue the momentum which they had.

Watching them in the recent game at Cardiff, I thought they looked fantastic in the second half and looked really good and confident and that is the template Garry will be happy with and hoping to continue with.