Leeds United fans mock Garry Monk Middlesbrough exit on social media

Leeds United fans have taken to social media to mock Garry Monk's exit from Middlesbrough.

Mr paul Robinson: There will be a minute’s laughter in memory of Garry Monk’s career at 11am tomorrow, please RT for awareness #lufc

Michael Taylor: As Christmas’s go have a quiet one Gary Monk #lufc #haha

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Gary Måltby: Monk left months ago; his #lufc story ended right there. His choice.

It’s TC now. That’s all that matters.

Deanu Yano: How’s that job security worked out for Gary Monk lolol #LUFC

Crank Schrader: What’s Gary Monk’s Missus getting this year? A smaller turkey...

Roy Gibson: Gary Monk sacked, it’s hard as #lufc fan to see this as anything other than amusing. It is a guy getting sacked which isn’t fun but he basically left us for a “better team” and it’s gone wrong for him. You roll a dice and take your chances.

Gerry Mc Namee: I’ve turned down the Middlesborough job

All Leeds fans thoughts are with Gary Monk #lufc #Boro

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Neil Summers: It’s official seen it on Sky Sports website Gary Monk has been sacked, to end a perfect day for us it doesn’t get better than this #lufc #mot #weareleeds

Harry: Perfect day topped of with Gary Monk getting sacked. Christmas has come early #LUFC #MOT #Christmas

Jon Mundy: Perhaps Gary Monk isn’t quite as good as Gary Monk thinks he is! #sacked #Boro #mfc #lufc