'Elland Road is a dump... the Revie Stand is named after a cheat', claims angry Sunderland columnist

It's fair to say Sunderland Echo columnist Tony Gillan isn't a fan of Elland Road's ticket pricing structure.

Wednesday, 28th March 2018, 6:44 pm
Updated Wednesday, 28th March 2018, 10:20 pm
Elland Road.

The Black Cats make the trip south to West Yorkshire on April 7 and following the tickets going on sale it appears it has upset some in the north... so much so a whole Sunderland Echo column has been dedicated to the subject.

Elland Road, Leeds fans and even Don Revie can't hide from the wrath of Gillan's keyboard. Well, we'll let him take it from here...

Regrettably, you will not be sitting in a very nice ground should you travel to the Elland Road “stadium” on April 7. It’s a dump.

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Alright... so we're off to a good start here. Nothing notable there *rolls eyes*.

For the privilege of sitting behind a corner flag in Leeds United’s dilapidated John Charles Stand (named after a gentleman), to watch a bad side take on an even worse one, surrounded by notoriously charmless home fans, £37 is demanded from visitors. This rises to £42 if they are bought on match day.

Dilapidated? Someone's used a thesaurus...

The equivalent, opposite view from the north end of the East Stand, blocks L28-30, beside the Revie Stand (named after a cheat), will cost adult home supporters just £26. In the Premier League a £30 cap is in place for away tickets. It is indicative of the delusion at Leeds, a club that hasn’t seen the Premier League for 14 years, that their pricing policy suggests something special will be on offer in 10 days time.

It won’t.

I'll give him this one. He managed to insult a club legend and refer to the Whites exile from the top flight all in one breath. Fair play.

I am resigned to being ripped off by Leeds (worth noting too that they charged Sheffield Wednesday fans even more recently) and still intend to be there. However, once inside the ground I will not be spending a single penny on programmes, food, drink or any other overpriced quality-deficient fare I can happily live without.

Not the pies, Tony. Think of the pies...

They might take the hint if everyone does the same. In fairness, some tickets for home supporters are also £37 (ripping off home fans too provides “justification”). But that’s for the best seats and cheaper options are available, as opposed to the like-it-or-lump-it policy for visitors.

The usual unimaginative and entirely predictable abuse on unrelated matters for this column is likely to follow. It’s what Leeds fans do. What they won’t do is provide any excuse for the greed and contempt shown, continually, by their club to its customers.

Well, you started it...