Barnsley play waiting game with club takeover

BARNSLEY director Don Rowing has confirmed the Tykes have been approached by two parties interested in buying the club, but insists there is no timescale regarding the potential deal.

Reds multi-millionaire owner Patrick Cryne is keen to sell the Oakwell club, with an Italian consortium reportedly one of those interested in taking over.

Talks have been held with two parties, but no concrete offer has been forthcoming, as of yet, with Rowing refusing to confirm or deny the Italian link. Rumours linking Arab businessmen with a move have also been dismissed as speculation by Rowing, who has scotched social media gossip regarding the club’s asking price.

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Rowing told the Yorkshire Post: “We have been approached by interested parties for the club, but there is no time limit and no concrete offers at this stage.

“At this stage, it’s really enquiries as to what we would want for the club and going away to think about that and then we will see what comes from it.

“I think the next stage is expecting the move to come from the people who have shown an interest and then we will move it on from there.

“People are speculating about how much we want for the club and such, but that is a little bit beyond the mark. That is a private thing and not something we want to publicise. Where people have got that information, I don’t know.”

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On the identity of the two interested parties, he added: “There has been speculation and I think every nationality under the sun has been mentioned. Let’s just say it’s interested parties. But at the minute, it is business as normal for us for our next game with Ipswich on Saturday and hopefully, producing the sort of result we did last week.”

Meanwhile, Rowing has confirmed the club have given reassurances to boss Keith Hill regarding his future, amid speculation that if Cryne did sell Hill’s position could be under threat, with the Italian consortium linked to a takeover said to be keen to bring in their own managerial team.

He said: “Keith has been reassured and he has had no pressure on him while he has been here. People do speculate on people’s futures sometimes, but as far as we are aware and concerned, Keith will be with us for a long time.”

Rowing has also stated that managerless Bury have not made an approach to speak to Reds’ 
No 2 David Flitcroft, adding: “I think because David has a history with Bury in terms of playing for them, that is where the speculation is from.

“But we have heard nothing concrete from them, not even a phone call.”