10 things you said about... Leeds and Liverpool fans protest outside at Elland Road over ESL plans

Both sets of fans gathered outside Elland Road.Both sets of fans gathered outside Elland Road.
Both sets of fans gathered outside Elland Road.
The latest European Super League plans sparked protests ahead of Leeds United's fixture against Liverpool.

Leeds United's fixture against Liverpool on Monday night was highly anticipated, but not because of the football - more because of the shocking plans for the Premier League's 'Big Six' to join the European Super League.

The news sparked protests outside Elland Road before kick-off, with both sets of fans joining in to show their disgust at the potential breakaway league.

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Following the protests, YEP posted photos of the crowds gathered outside the stadium.

Here are 10 things you said in reaction:

Michael Stringer - "Imagine the atmosphere if fans were allowed in. Leeds fans would be showing the anger the entire football world is feeling."

Darryl Clarkson - "The American investment in Leeds must not be allowed to go any further or it will be us next!!!"

Comfort Living - "Leeds should be happier, if the top teams leave Leeds might get a chance to finish 5th."

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Trevor Harper - "It's not the players or managers doing this so why are they shouting at them?"

Lora Hammill - "Just like many other PL clubs we don't want it to go ahead. Fans of other clubs have also been protesting."

Hughie Barber - "All too many of the comments on various sites illustrate how little people really understand what is being proposed!"

Andrew Crawford - "Digusting what they wanna do. Should all be demoted to League Two and fined."

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Andrew Groves - "Let them crack on... then ban the clubs from the Premier League and ban the players from playing anywhere else."

David Vincent-Smith - "Football is for the fans yet they charged fans £44 for a ticket in the Championship!"

Tom Jordan - "Imagine what the atmosphere would be like in there tonight if fans were allowed in."

As a result of the plans, as the Leeds United players warmed up they sported T-shirts saying 'Champions League: Earn it' on the front and 'Football is for the fans' on the back.