York Cricket Club taking a leaf out of Scarborough's book for hosting Yorkshire

North Marine Road
: 'Best outground in the country.'North Marine Road
: 'Best outground in the country.'
North Marine Road : 'Best outground in the country.'
YORK Cricket Club are tapping into the wisdom of their Scarborough counterparts in an effort to ensure that the Championship game is a roaring success.

Nick Kay, York’s honorary secretary, is talking to present and past officials at North Marine Road, where Yorkshire play two Championship games each summer – including one at the historic Scarborough Festival.

“The conversation has already started,” he says. “I’ve spoken at length to Rob Richtering (chief executive) and also to Colin Adamson (former secretary), who helped run the Festivals for many years.

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“We certainly aren’t going to go into our game thinking we know everything and that we don’t need advice. We’ll be canvassing a lot of opinions to make sure we get it right, definitely.”

Kay, who says York will also take advice from Yorkshire’s head groundsman, is a big admirer of what Scarborough have achieved.

“They’ve done a great job,” he says. “It’s the best outground in the country, without a doubt, and people travel from all over to visit – me included.

“We don’t expect to be able to compete with the success they have year-in, year-out. But, if we can get to anywhere near that, we’ll have done a good job.”