The never seen before photos of Wakefield through the ages

Today we turn back the clock to showcase how Wakefield has changed down the years.

By Andrew Hutchinson
Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, 1:12 pm
Updated Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, 2:13 pm
Pics: Getty Images
Pics: Getty Images

These never been seen before images online are published courtesy of Getty Images:

A warder at Wakefield Prison.
Herbert Sutcliffe, the famous Yorkshire and England cricketer took part in a National Service recruiting campaign at Wakefield.

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Children at a school in Hornsea On Sea, built and furnished by Wakefield Authority to enable children to visit the sea side without missing school. The fee costs thirty shillings for three weeks.
Inmates training to be cooks in the kitchens at Wakefield Prison.
Neil Fox resting after the Challenge Cup final in which he won the man of the match award. As part of the Wakefield Trinity team which won three Challenge Cups and two Championships, Fox became the highest point scorer in the history of the game and won the nickname 'The Points Machine'.
An L.N.E.R. train arriving at Wakefield railway station.
Pit boy jockeys on their way to the paddock at the Pit Pony Parade and race meeting at Thorp near Wakefield.
Senior schoolboys enjoying a cigarette at Highfields Grammar School, near Wakefield. The headmaster, Rev Edward Smithies, believes that officially sanctioning the habit will make it lose its attraction.
Two 50-ton rail-mounted cranes lifting the main girders into position during construction of a new bridge at Wakefield.
William Thickett, the contractor in charge of the restoration of the chantry at Wakefield, at work cleaning one of the gargoyles.