Leeds nostalgia: Potholing partners prepare to uncover tunnel secrets

June 1990: Potholing partners Alan and Becky Weight from Leeds were hoping to reach new depths by setting off on an expedition to explore one of the world's longest caves.

The couple, from Avenue Victoria, Roundhay were part of a seven-strong team from Skipton-based Craven Pothole Club, which was due to set off for Sarawak, Malaysia in August.

To achieve their ambition they were going to have to walk, swim and wade through miles of passages, brave giant spiders and poisonous snakes and possibly even abseil down 300ft tall underground cliffs.

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Expedition leader Alan, 37, said they had already been to the system and discovered a cavern the size of a cathedral, which was 100ft wide but they only had time and supplies enough to venture half a mile past it.

He said: “It’s going to be really exciting and we are already getting quite worked up about it.” He added they would be able to camp underground for about a week, while also making a film about their trip.

The expedition was backed by the Royal Geographical Society and sponsored by the Sports Council but the cavers were each trying to raise £1,500.

Alan and trainee accountant Becky Weight, 31, met at Hull University caving club, were set to be joined by Nick Thompson from Otley.

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