Leeds baby swallows 10p piece - saved by paramedic

The story from the YEP in April 1971The story from the YEP in April 1971
The story from the YEP in April 1971
Dateline: April 1971 and one Leeds toddler ends up

Baby David Webster, pictured, five weeks, survived after a 10 pence piece became lodged in his throat. His mother, Gay Webster, 27, called for an ambulance after David was ‘fed’ the money by his two-year-old sister, Mary.A paramedic who arrived on the scene turned baby David upside down, held him by his heels and out popped the 10 pence piece.Gay, who had been in the kitchen making up David’s feed when the incident occurred, said: “I was just devastated when Mary told me what she had done.”In other news, Walter Stead, 63, who had run a joke shop on Kirkstall Road, Leeds, for 35 years, was forced to shut up shop after Leeds Council issued a compulsory purchase order for his building. He dubbed the decision “a joke.”