You can now teach your dog to talk

Teach your dog to talk

Dogs are the most popular pet in the world, but how well do we understand them? Over 31 thousand people a month globally are looking for a dog language translator. So you're not the only one on the planet who doesn't understand their dog's language.

That's why Preply is launching a brand new course, where you can even teach your dog to speak human.

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No more guessing what their barks mean. No more figuring out if they like that new food you bought them. Soon, they’ll be able to tell you exactly what they want in plain old English.

‘Did That Dog Just Speak To Me?’ includes the following classes:

  • Buttons, buttons, buttons: Were you in awe when Bunny went viral on TikTok with his amazing skills! Of course you have. It’s amazing. And your dog could be next to learn. We’ll work with you and your pup to teach this technique, giving them a wide range of words to play (and annoy you) with.
  • Turn that woof into a word: In this revolutionary course, you can teach your dog to sound out human words. It’s not easy, but when you hear your dog utter the words ‘I love you’, it makes it all worth it.

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