This new Android app analyses your texts and tells you how to respond to your crush

Friday, 3rd May 2019, 3:05 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd May 2019, 4:07 pm
The app scans your contacts list to identify admirers among people you already know (Photo: Shutterstock)

Finding romance is a technical business nowadays, with many turning to online dating apps in an effort to spark some romance.

But online dating is not for everyone, so Android has launched a new messaging app which scans your contacts list to identify admirers among people you already know.

Personality profiles

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According to its developers, the Mei app (pronounced ‘may’) features an artificial intelligence assistant that can analyse your texts and work out who among your contacts is romantically interested in you.

The idea is that Mei creates personality profiles for users and their contact lists, and can tell you a person's top five characteristics and how you should text them to get your desired response.

Users don't even have to text over Mei first to receive contact profiles for their contacts, as the app is able to analyse texts that already exist on your phone.

A trial version of the app is already available on Android, and half a million people have downloaded the beta version so far.

The full app is due to launch on Wednesday 8 May, although Apple users will have a longer wait, as the iOS beta version won't be available until later this year.

The app can tell you a person's top five characteristics and how you should text them (Photo: Mei App)

Compatibility tests

As well as analysing texts on your phone, the app allows users to receive real time advice on their relationships, detect anomalies if a person is acting strange, and create personality profiles and a similarity score.

This gives users a percentage out of 100, rating how compatible you are with the person you are texting.

Users can also ask the app questions, such as "Does Thomas love me?", or "Who cares about me the most?" and the AI assistant will respond based on its analysis.

However, users will need to purchase token credits to ask certain questions and use select features on the app.

Features can be turned on and off to protect privacy, and the app will warn users if an action will result in their data being shared with third parties.

The AI relationship assistant is one of the optional features and can be turned off at any point.

The company behind the app said that none of its users will be personally identifiable as the only piece of personal information it requires is a phone number.

How to download it

To download the beta version of Mei on Android, visit the Google Play store, click on 'Apps' and type 'Mei' into the search bar.

Click on the Mei logo at the top of the search result. This will bring up a warning message which says, “This app is in development. It may be unstable.”

If you are happy to proceed, click 'install' to download it to your device.

The official Android version will be available to download on Wednesday 8 May.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Edinburgh Evening News