This is how to stop annoying spam group messages on Instagram

By Iain Leggat
Tuesday, 9th March 2021, 10:36 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th March 2021, 10:36 am
This is how to stop annoying spam group messages on Instagram (Photo: Shutterstock)

Instagram users have seen an increase in spam messages from strangers within group chats.

The problem affects all users of the app, including people who have their account set to private.

The spam messages often invite users to a group chat with several other users who they will not recognise, and encourage group members to open a link in the chat. The links in the messages are often suspicious, and can leave people susceptible to getting scammed by cybercriminals.

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You are recommended to never click links that you do not recognise or trust.

How to stop receiving Instagram spam messages

Instagram account holders wishing to stop receiving spam messages on the social media app should go to ‘Settings’. In ‘Settings’, click ‘Privacy’ and ‘Messages’.

Within this menu there will be a setting option saying ‘Allow others to add you to groups’. If this is selected to ‘Everyone’, tick the ‘Only people you follow’ box.

How to stop receiving spam if your Instagram account is private

If users can’t see the ‘Messages’ option with their ‘Settings’ menu, this may be because their Instagram account is set to private.

In this position, users can’t opt to stop getting notifications about messages that appear in the ‘Request’ folder.

To do this, go to ‘Settings’, click ‘Notifications’ and then ‘Direct Messages’. Once in this menu, turn the notifications off under the ‘Group Requests’ section.