This baby teething ring sold on eBay and Etsy is being urgently recalled

Make sure your child isn't in danger (Photo: Shutterstock)Make sure your child isn't in danger (Photo: Shutterstock)
Make sure your child isn't in danger (Photo: Shutterstock)

A teething ring for babies sold by well known online retailers has been urgently recalled due to a “serious” choking risk.

This is everything you need to know, and what to do if you have bought one.

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Details of recalled product

The product that has been recalled is a teething ring sold by Little You Baby and has been categorised as a “serious” choking hazard.

The product was sold online via Etsy and eBay between September 2018 and April 2019.

The item is described as being handmade, with most being personalised with the name of the baby, although there was an option to leave it plain.

In the product recall notice, it says that the ring contains a mix of “coloured silicone beads and plain wooden beads, and threaded through the beaded ring was one wooden animal and a wooden hoop”. It also says that the name beads were wooden as well.

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The teething ring is being recalled because it contains small parts that could come loose and would then be considered a choking hazard to the baby.

What to do if you have the recalled product

If you’ve bought this teething ring, then you are advised to return it immediately.

Refunds are being offered for returns. In order to claim a refund, email [email protected] and further instructions on how to return the item will be given.

What to do if your baby is choking

The NHS has compiled some useful information if your child is choking.

It says:

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If you can see the object, try and remove it - but don’t poke around blindly with your fingers as you could make things worse by pushing the object further in and making it more difficult to removeIf your child is coughing loudly, encourage them to keep coughing to bring up what they’re choking onIf the coughing isn’t effective (e.g if it’s silent or they can’t breathe in properly), get help immediatelyIf your child is conscious, but they’re not coughing or the coughing isn’t effective, use back blows

Back blows for babies under one year and over one year require different methods.

For babies under one year old:

Sit down and lay your baby face down along your thighs, supporting their head with your handGive up to five sharp back blows with the heel of one hand in the middle of the back between the shoulder blades

For children over one year old:

Lay the child face down on your lap as you would a baby - if this isn’t possible, support your child in a forward leaning positionGive five back blows from behind

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If the back blows haven’t relieved the choking, and the child or baby is still conscious, you should give chest thrusts to infants under one year old and abdominal thrusts to children over one year old.

This creates an artificial cough, increasing pressure in the chest and help dislodge the object.

Click here to read the NHS’s instructions on administering chest and abdominal thrusts.

If the child at any point becomes unconscious, you should:

Put them on a firm, flat surface and shout for helpCall 999 and put the phone on loud speaker so that both hands are freeStart CPR - click here to see the NHS’s advice on resuscitating a child

This article originally appeared on our sister site Edinburgh Evening News

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