These 21 indoor activities will keep kids entertained when it’s raining

Trampoline parks definitely help to ensure your child is getting enough exercise on rainy summer days. (Shutterstock)Trampoline parks definitely help to ensure your child is getting enough exercise on rainy summer days. (Shutterstock)
Trampoline parks definitely help to ensure your child is getting enough exercise on rainy summer days. (Shutterstock)

The summer holidays are undoubtedly the favourite time of the year for children across the nation and a time when their most cherished memories can be made. However, UK weather is known to be temperamental, and this is also the case in the summer months.

So, as every parent in the UK knows, a rainy day back up plan is often required.

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To help you out, here are some ideas for keeping your child entertained if the heavens try to rain on your parade this summer.

Go to the cinema

We have all been a bit deprived of the full movie experience in recent months, with cinemas around the country closing down due to lockdown. So now that they are back in business, a rainy day in the summer holidays is the perfect time for your children to see the films they were excited about pre-lockdown.

Do some baking

Whether you choose to bake a cake, pastries or biscuits, baking a sweet treat is a great way to teach your child the basics of baking. And who doesn't love a sweet snack to improve on a rainy day?


Get your child’s creative mind racing, with a bit of painting. Watercolour painting or finger painting are always much loved activities among little ones. However, if you want to keep your house and their clothes clean, it’s a good idea to fashion a painting apron from a bin bag or another easy to find plastic sheeting.

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Build a fort

Pillow forts are a rainy day staple, and one that will make many happy memories for years to come. Use anything from your sofa cushions, bed cushions, mattresses, bed sheets to fashion the fort structure and pop in some fairy lights to make it an extra cosy place to escape to when the rain begins to pour.

Play board games

Board games are a great way to spend quality time with the whole family. A game of Scrabble is a sneaky way for children to brush up on their spelling skills before they head back to school, while a trivia game may even help their history grades.

Visit a Museum

Museums are not only fascinating places that inspire young children and adults alike, they are crucial to educating your children on the important events of the past, and even try to look into the future.

The Science Museum in London is now open, however you must pre book your free tickets in advance. Additionally, the Natural History Museum in London is also open and you can pre book tickets here.

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Go trampolining

Trampoline parks definitely help to ensure your child is getting enough exercise on rainy summer days. So why not swap the playstation for one of these bouncy indoor play parks?

Play a new sport in your local leisure centre

Leisure centres reopened in England last month after months of temporary closures. Most local leisure centres offer clubs for a wide variety of sports but you can also enquire about one-off activities too to help you get out of the house on a rainy day. Badminton, squash, tennis and gymnastics are all great sports to introduce to your child if they don’t play one already.

Go swimming

Swimming pools reopened in England last month, just in time for summer. If you child doesn't yet know how to swim, the summer holidays is an ideal time to give them some intensive lessons without the distraction of real school lessons. However, if you child knows how to keep afloat, swimming is a great way to really make it feel like the holidays have started, even if you are not heading abroad this summer.

Go indoor skiing or snowboarding

If it’s raining outside, why not mix things up and head somewhere that snows inside? This will get your kids prepared for the real slopes if you have a skiing holiday coming up in the winter months, or simply give your child a new skill and a totally new experience.

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Snozone in Milton Keynes and Castleford and Basingstoke are now open for business, however you must book your preferred activities online. Mask wearing is also compulsory everywhere except the restaurants, however this comes with the added benefit of keeping your child’s nose nice and warm on the slopes.

Get adventurous in the kitchen

Rainy days are a great way to brush up on some culinary skills, and make some unique dinners in the process. Try engaging your child when cooking to help them learn this basic life skill which will no doubt keep them entertained for hours.

Play video games

Letting your child play video games often gets a bad rap, however if they play in moderation, video games are a great way to keep your kids entertained. They can also be a very social activity, if they play games with their friends as part of a sleepover or even just through a headset.

Go rollerblading

There are many indoor rollerblading discos and halls across the UK, which allow both you and your child to enjoy this high energy activity while keeping perfectly dry.

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Go ice skating

When the weather is cold and miserable outside, why not make it colder but considerably less miserable with a trip to your local ice rink? Even if you aren't the most elegant person on the ice this will surely be a day out for your kids to remember.

Try some knitting

Knitting may sound like something for the older generation but this creative task is also a great way to convert your child’s energy into a more calming experience for you both. You can order string online and there are many knitting youtube channels to follow. It will also give your child a new skill - what’s not to love?

Head to the library

Reading is a fantastic way to open up new worlds for your child when the real world is cold and wet outside. Head to your local library to collect some new books for your child for the summer period for free.

Play dress up

Help your child transform into their favourite characters by checking out the stock in your local charity shops. Charity shops always have creative fabrics and accessories perfect for making fun new costumes for your child.

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Do some indoor gardening

If you have a greenhouse, a utility room or simply some pot plants on your windowsills, help educate your child about keeping plants nice and healthy. Giving them their own pot plant to nurture over the holidays is a fun pet project to fill some of their time.

Have a sleepover with friends

Now that you are allowed guests to stay overnight once more, your child can again enjoy a sleepover with their friends. However, make sure not to invite any more than six other people from two households if you live in England.

Play hide and seek

This game is a classic for a reason. It is easy and fun and makes childhood memories for years to come. Hide in cupboards, under the bed, behind the sofa - just make sure to childproof any cabinets with unsafe products inside.

Have a film night

Although cinemas are now open again, having an indoor film night in your pyjamas is an entirely different experience and a great way to pass a rainy day. Equally, unlike a cinema, you can watch as many films as you like back to back for free.