The UK should expect ‘some disruption’ after leaving the EU on 31 December - what you need to know

The UK’s official exit from the European Union (EU) at the end of the year could lead to substantial disruption for some businesses, as well as those travelling.

Cabinet minister Michael Gove said there will be “some disruption” following the UK’s exit, so it is “vital” for people to make the necessary preparations. He also warned people travelling to and from the EU to take out comprehensive travel insurance, as well as checking their mobile roaming policies. 

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Mr Gove said, “The nature of our new relationship with the EU - outside the Single Market and Customs Union - means that there are practical and procedural changes that businesses and citizens need to get ready for, and time to make these final preparations is very short.

"We know that there will be some disruption as we adjust to new ways of doing business with the EU, so it is vital that we all take the necessary action now."

What will change?

Members of the public travelling to and from the EU are being urged to check that they are aware of the new rules and regulations, including those relating to travel insurance and mobile phones. 

The deal agreed between the UK and EU does not carry over the EU-wide ban on mobile roaming charges, although there is a provision which requires phone companies to make their rates “transparent and reasonable.”

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Travellers should also check their travel insurance to make sure it covers healthcare, as the European Health Insurance Card which previously guaranteed holders free healthcare anywhere in the EU will no longer be valid.

Businesses should consult new rules around importing and exporting goods, including the different rules around trade with Northern Ireland.

Some businesses will also need to check how they will be impacted by new rules on customs declarations on EU trade. 

Hauliers should also have made arrangements to get a Kent Access Permit prior to entering the country.

If you are unsure of whether the UK’s exit from the EU will impact you, you can check the government’s website here