Snapping at others and losing your patience could be signs that you're 'tangry', study finds

Nine in 10 people suffer from ‘tangry’ behaviour – being angry due to tiredness. 

A poll of 2,000 adults revealed the signs of being tired include having a slow reaction speed, getting words muddled and putting an item of clothing on inside out.

Getting easily annoyed at others, forgetting why you walked into a room and getting the day of the week or date mixed up also featured in the Top 30 list. 

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It emerged when people are fatigued, they also feel angry a fifth of the time (22 per cent). 

Unable to stop yawning topped the list of signs of tiredness, while misplacing their mobile phone and forgetting where the car is parked also featured. 

The research was commissioned by Bensons for Beds which has worked with sleep expert, Dr Sophie Bostock, to develop a ‘Sleep Calm and Carry On’ programme to help improve the nation’s sleep wellness. 

Dr Sophie Bostock, said: “Our sleep, wellbeing and behaviour are intimately linked. A lack of sleep can alter the emotional control centres of the brain, making us more sensitive to stress, and reducing self-control. Some people become more impulsive and aggressive. 

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“This survey is also a valuable reminder that many of us can feel like a different person when we are sleep deprived and can lash out in ways we later regret.” 

James Linsell-Clark/PinPep

‘Tangry’ behaviour

The research also found three quarters of people have apologised for their ‘tangry’ behaviour. 

The city with the ‘tangriest’ folk living in or nearby is Brighton & Hove followed by Belfast and Cardiff. 

Signs of being both tired and angry include overreacting about small issues, complaining more often than usual, and being impatient. 

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Further symptoms of someone having a ‘tangry’ episode are crying at the slightest thing (30 per cent) and swearing under their breath about everything (30 per cent). 

More than half (51 per cent) feel grumpy and irritable due to exhaustion and 42 per cent admitted they have no patience. 

And tiredness has been to blame for rowing with a partner (30 per cent), cancelling social plans (26 per cent) and snapping at colleagues (14 per cent). A further 18 per cent feel their whole personality changes when fatigued. 

As well as their mood (57 per cent), tiredness can have an impact on concentration (50 per cent), appetite (27 per cent) and relationships (27 per cent). 

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‘Tired’ is the top way people feel when they wake up each morning (43 per cent), followed by only 18 per cent feeling refreshed and 15 per cent happy. 

And more than a fifth (22 per cent) of those polled via OnePoll have even been told they look exhausted. The typical adult only manages six and a half hours sleep each night, waking up twice, with the temperature (51 per cent) and pain or discomfort (50 per cent) being the cause for disruptions. 

Containing six short videos, the Bensons sleep plan will help to educate people on the importance of sleep and how it impacts their mental and physical health, as well as providing tools to help Brits unwind and sleep better. 

Those taking part will be able to track their sleep patterns via a sleep diary to see if a lack of sleep is making them tired or angry.

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Dr Bostock added: “If your friend, colleague, or partner is acting out of character, instead of reacting negatively, consider asking them how they are sleeping. Prioritising your sleep is a powerful way to improve mental health. 

“Our videos will help people understand the impact of sleep deprivation and some simple tools to restore healthy sleep patterns. Our goal is to help people sleep well, wake up feeling more energised, and thrive in their daily lives.” 

Lisa Richards at Bensons, which has also released a video to showcase some of the signs of 'tangry' behaviour said: “Whether it’s crying at the slightest thing or swearing under your breath about everything we are all guilty of having a ‘tangry’ episode now and again. We hope our programme will alleviate this and help people get the best night’s sleep possible every night.”

James Linsell-Clark/PinPep

 Top 30 signs you’re tired:

  1. Can’t stop yawning         
  2. Struggling to concentrate
  3. Getting easily annoyed at others
  4. Getting a headache        
  5. Having slow reaction speed        
  6. Snapping/yelling at others for no apparent reason           
  7. Getting words muddled up when talking               
  8. Having 'cotton wool brain’          
  9. Forgetting why you walked into a room 
  10. Not hearing your alarm go off    
  11. Not finding anything funny         
  12. Getting the day of the week / date mixed up       
  13. Drinking more coffee than usual
  14. Having no patience for shop/café staff  
  15. Going the wrong way (e.g. walking or driving)     
  16. Blinking more than often             
  17. Putting cereal in the fridge and milk in the cereal cupboard          
  18. Calling someone the wrong name            
  19. Tripping over    
  20. Not realising the lights have changed at traffic lights        
  21. Misplacing my phone    
  22. Putting an item of clothing on inside out               
  23. Forgetting about a meeting e.g. social or work meeting 
  24. Increased appetite         
  25. Forgetting where you parked     
  26. Walking into cupboards/doors  
  27. Sending an email to the wrong person   
  28. Forgetting to turn the oven off  
  29. Picking up / using the wrong toiletries e.g. shampoo instead of shower gel            
  30. Leaving the house in slippers instead of shoes    

 Top 20 signs that you’re ‘tangry’:

  1. You generally overreact about small issues          
  2. You complain more often
  3. You are impatient in general      
  4. You snap at others         
  5. You lose patience with technology like laptops, phones etc          
  6. You can’t concentrate at work   
  7. You cry/get emotional at the littlest thing             
  8. You swear under your breath about everything 
  9. You eat rubbish food in a bid to cheer-up / perk-up         
  10. You row with your partner          
  11. You’re completely unreasonable              
  12. You get annoyed if someone else makes a mistake
  13. You shout/lose my temper with the children       
  14. You have less patience with shop workers and waiting staff         
  15. You feel like different person - your personality changes
  16. You often get the wrong end of the stick               
  17. You throw things in frustration
  18. You seem to constantly apologise for snapping / being rude        
  19. You become an aggressive driver             
  20. You cancel social plans

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