Maltesers have been flattened: new Maltesers buttons and truffles to go on sale

Brits have been devouring Maltesers since they first went on sale back in 1937.

Millions of packets of the malt chocolate balls are sold each year.

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The company even claims to be "the UK's third most popular chocolate brand", with 55 per cent of adults buying Maltesers in 2017.

But after 81 years, the classic has been reinvented in the form of a new flat button.

New range

New Maltesers buttons are set to go on sale from mid-July, along with an upmarket truffle option.

The news was originally leaked back in March, at which point Mars Wrigley, who own Maltesers, denied the rumours.

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However they have now formally launched the range - with plans to spend millions on promoting the new offer.

The new packets of buttons will come in the same size as current Maltesers packets, along with a larger share bag.

The smaller bag of buttons will retail at 66p.

Gift boxes

Maltesers is also launching a new upmarket truffle option which comes in a gift box.

The truffles have the same malt inside as regular Maltesers, topped with an all new truffle flavour.

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Rebecca Shepheard-Walwyn, Maltesers brand director, stated: 'We are extremely excited to be launching these new brand extensions to express different elements of Maltesers, one of the UK's biggest heritage brands.

'Maltesers Buttons will introduce the brand to younger consumers while Maltesers Truffles will grow the category through being perfect for those special gifting occasions.'

Maltesers Buttons will be available in a 32g bag for 66p, a 68g 'treat bag' for £1.19, a 93g 'pouch' for £2.09 and a 159g 'more to share' bag for £3.29.

Maltesers Truffles will be available in a 54g 'token gift box' for £1.99, a 200g 'medium gift box' for £4.99 and a 336g 'large gift box' for £.749.

The large gift box for the truffles will be sold exclusively at Tesco this year.

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