How best to beat lockdown blues with insomnia busting solutions!

Stress, strain and restlessness have led to sleepless nights for many during the pandemic.

Over the past year, consumers have been forced to adjust to a host of pandemic related challenges and, for many, disturbed sleep patterns have become the norm.

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In 2020 the word ‘insomnia’ was Googled more than ever before, hitting an all-time high last April, with the phenomenon becoming so ubiquitous as to give rise to the expert-coined terms ‘coronasomnia’ and ‘COVID-somnia’.

Solutions to insomnia

From temperature controlled pillows to bespoke beds, luscious bedding and dream-enhancing sleep aids, Sleep.8 provides customers with tailored tools designed to improve the sleep environment, enhance rest and soothe those current jagged sleep patterns.

These premium products are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and plant based. Sleep.8 offers unique products not stocked anywhere else in the UK market, including the iSense smart mattress, which allows athletes or pregnant mums the ability to change the firmness of the mattress and the Axis Smart Pillow 3.0 which monitors your sleep.

Customer choice

Customers can choose between hybrid, memory foam and pillow topped mattresses, all made to design following personal advice from a Sleep.8 consultant. Beds are made to order, including a large selection of ergonomic mattresses, designed to provide appropriate soothing sensations to ensure a unique soothing sleep experience.

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Sleep gadgets include electronic eye mask and massager, neck massager and massage chairs. Sleep.8 combines the latest technology with innovative design to deliver ingenious and pioneering sleep solutions.Products are designed to give sleep stress a rest.

Empowering the consumer

Sleep smart brand Sleep.8’s mission is to empower shoppers to focus on their own wellbeing and get their best eight hours of sleep, every night. Products are design-led, allowing consumers to select a bespoke solution specific to their needs.

For those seeking guidance, a Sleep.8 in-house sleep consultant is on hand to offer one to one consultations. Customers will find a selection of over 20 separate made to order bed upholstered designs (complete with storage space), ranging in price from £399 to £1799.

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