Foods to get you going on Valentine's Day

Strawberries are a great date night meal choice (photo: rh2010 -
Strawberries are a great date night meal choice (photo: rh2010 -

Valentine's foods to get you in the mood

Certain foods hold the power to trigger 'pleasure' hormones in the brain, boost the libido and ramp up our sex drive.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, a leading nutritionist from food intolerance specialist YorkTest, has revealed which unexpected foods can help to get you in the mood. Beans on toast for dinner?

Mmmm chocolate!

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    Chocolate can get you in the mood for Valentine's Day

    Avocados, salmon, strawberries and chocolate are popular date night meal choices - but as a leading nutritionist has revealed, there could be more to this menu than Insta-worthy aesthetics.

    Eating these foods can trigger ‘pleasure’ hormones in the brain, such as dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin, which can have a transformative effect on your libido.

    For Brits, knowing just which foods can ramp up our sex drive could make all the difference this Valentine’s Day.

    Beans on toast can ramp up the mood

    Baked Beans are another great Valentine's Day food

    Before you decide what to cook or where to book this year, nutritionist Sal Hanvey from food intolerance specialist YorkTest, tells us everything we need to know about libido boosting foods, which includes one great British classic that might surprise some people.

    Baked beans are a great alternative for oysters

    Foods rich in zinc are very important as they help regulate testosterone levels in the body, which is a hormone we produce that increases your sexual desire.

    Contrary to belief that the only thing they do is give you gas, baked beans, a British breakfast staple, are a fantastic source of zinc. So why not start your mood-boosting meals from the moment you wake up with a plate of beans on toast? Or for a luxurious option, oysters will also do the trick.

    Finding that C spot

    Foods rich in vitamin C support the adrenal system, which regulates lots of important functions, including your response to stress.

    Being in a perpetual state of stress can impact these glands. As a result, you’ll feel tired, drained and depleted which can contribute towards a lower sex drive.

    To keep your vitamin C levels topped up, try oranges, spinach and strawberries - or add some extra spice by adding chilli peppers to your dish.

    Get those good fats

    Certain unsaturated fats are essential for a healthy, balanced diet. They can prevent the buildup of plaque in the arteries, which promotes healthy blood flow throughout the body - helping to get your juices going.

    It’s easy to add more healthy fats into your diet. Avocados, salmon or nuts are excellent sources, and together they make the perfect salad too.

    The colour of love

    In traditional Chinese medicine, foods that are blue, black, yellow and orange represent water and earth energies - two important qualities for enhancing energy and libido. If you’re willing to try a holistic approach, enhance your meals with black beans, carrots, sweet potatoes or dark chocolate.

    What foods decrease libido and why?

    Food and drink that drains your adrenal system is directly responsible for lowering libido in many people.

    A lot of the food and drinks that deplete your adrenal function such as fried foods, white sugar and alcohol are common guilty pleasures - but by cutting down, you could enjoy pleasures that are even more guilty.

    Sal Hanvey at food intolerance test provider YorkTest, said: “To lead a full and happy life, understanding more about the effects that certain foods have on the body is crucial.

    “Even beyond boosting libido, if you unknowingly eat food that you’re intolerant to, you could quickly feel uncomfortable - no one wants to feel gassy or bloated, whether it’s date night or not.”

    For the full breakdown of the libido boosting, and zapping foods, visit: website.