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A giant image of a bumblebee has been painted at a school in Yorkshire to celebrate this year's World Bee Day.

A drone image of a giant bee (pictured below)

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Award-winning artists from Sand in your Eye painted a 196ft 10in (60m) piece of bee land art at Hebden Royd CE Primary School. They ued the same line paint and sprayers that are used to mark out the lines for football pitches.

The tean and pupils also created 90 paper bumblebees and helped to create a small meadow habitat to encourage bees and other pollinators to the school's playing field.

The huge- and bee-autiful- artwork was created to highlight how important it is to conserve and protect the UK's bumblebees.

The head teacher at Hebden Royd explained: "Bees play a vital role as pollinators; they pollinate the food we need to survive and pollinate many of the trees and flowers that provide essential habitats for wildlife.

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By pupils from St Alban's Primary School, Surrey

At school we have been working with an engineer to create a model of a bridge with a moving element.

We were given a design brief of building a bridge that was over 1.5m long and 1.2m tall, as well as having a motor to allow the bridge to open and close.

St Albans pupils with their tower bridge model (pictured below)

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We began by exploring a range of local bridges and decided we wanted to build Tower Bridge. We created a structure using a range of square and triangle shapes, while experimenting with the bracing to ensure the structure was strong and secure.

Next, we experimented with string and the motors to find the best way to allow the bridge to move up and down without it getting tangled. Finally, we used a range of different materials to make it a true model of Tower Bridge.

We loved this project and it's something we'll always remember!


Volunteers' Week

1-7 June

A chance to celebrate and say thanks to the millions of volunteers across the UK.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Weekend

2-5 June

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The long bank holiday weekend kicks off with Her Majesty's official birthday parade.


The Elizabeth line has officially opened. The 73-mile (118km) rail line stretches from Berkshire to Essex, going underground through central London. It is Europe’s largest construction project, has taken 13 years to build and cost £19bn! The Queen made a surprise visit to see the line last week.


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