Dream job as company searches for professional Prosecco tester - how to apply

By Iain Leggat
Sunday, 22nd August 2021, 4:33 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd August 2021, 3:45 pm
Dream job as company searches for professional Prosecco tester (Shutterstock)

Have you ever dreamed of taking your drink of choice and turning it into a profession?

If you have a bottle of Prosecco as your go to, then you might be in luck as a professional fizz taster role has opened up.

The job would be with northern wine merchant House of Townend, who posted the job ad for the “World’s First Prosecco Taster” online.

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The advert says it is looking for people with “exquisite palates” to step forward and apply.

The role will see the taster giving feedback on up to six different bottles within two weeks – “working with the innovation and customer service team as well as overseeing the new product selection for sparkling wine”.

Other tasks involved “reporting on primary, secondary and tertiary aromas” (fancy) and rating taste, texture and length.

The northern wine merchant said it’s looking for someone with a deep passion for wine with a vivid imagination to “transport themselves to the romance of Italy as they flow with the flavour.”

How to apply

Applications for the role can be submitted online.

The chosen candidate will also receive six bottles of Prosecco, and will start the role in September 2021.

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and candidates can have a separate full-time job during the duration of role.

The deadline for applications is 8 September, and more information on the role is available one the job advert page.