Do this to keep your food fresh for longer

Foodstuffs don’t always last for long, particularly in hot weather.  But by storing food correctly you can help it stay fresh, and save money and food waste.

By pairing certain foods together you can extend their life.

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Here are some useful pairing tips to help keep your food fresh for longer;

1 Apples and Potatoes

Potatoes can last up to eight weeks longer when stored next to apples. The ethylene gas produced by apples prevents potatoes from turning and going bad.

2 Lemon juice and avocados

Once avocados are cut into, they can quickly turn brown which doesn’t look very appetizing. This is especially the case if smashed and turned into guacamole. Running lemon juice over the open avocado or guacamole will stop it from spoiling by halting the oxidation process.

3 Bread and celery

If you place a stick of celery inside the bread bag whilst storing both in the fridge it can extend the life of bread for an extra ten days. It’s thought that the bread soaks up moisture from the celery stick ensuring it doesn’t dry out.

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4 Berries and vinegar

Berries are often the quickest fruits to go off when not eaten straight away. Stop this happening by mixing one part distilled vinegar to 10 parts water, then wash your berries. It’s extremely distilled so the vinegar doesn’t affect the taste of the berries but could help them last for an extra two weeks.

5 Bananas and unripened fruit

If you have fruit which you want to ripen, place it next to a bunch of bananas. Similarly, if you’ve found fruit tending to ripen and go off very quickly, try removing bananas from your fruit bowl.

A spokesperson from, who compiled the tips, said: “It can be extremely annoying when you’ve done your weekly shop and food suddenly starts turning and going off.

“Taking the time to think about where food is stored and what it’s next too, can really pay off.”