BBC is looking for "street-smart" gameshow contestants

The BBC is launching an exciting new strategy gameshow - and they are on the hunt for "street-smart individuals" to take part.

Hosted by Dan Walker, Chase The Case trades general knowledge for information, with a big cash prize up for grabs.

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Five players begin the game by being given a case containing a secret amount of cash.

Players answer questions to win visits to a soundproof secret vault where they can learn information about what’s in their opponents’ cases.

As they are never allowed to see inside their own case, the only way to figure out what they are carrying is by the power of deduction.

The audience play along at home as they are privy to all of the intelligence acquired in the vault.

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In a fast-paced endgame, players attempt to steal each other’s cases via tense head-to-head challenges - but only the player who gets over the finish line first will get to open the case they are holding and take home the prize.

Are you a confident, tactical player with strong powers of deduction? Can you maintain your poker face while under pressure?

If so, the BBC want to hear from you.

Auditions will be happening in the next couple of weeks, and those wishing to take part can apply here:

Applicants must be 18 years of age and over.

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