A survival guide to festivals: everything you need to cope with the season

With the weather finally taking a turn for the better, festival season suddenly doesn't seem so far away.

And with a host of exciting events on the horizon around the UK, from Download and Creamfields, to Reading and Leeds, there's plenty to look forward to.

So if you're planning a weekend of non-stop dancing in a crowded field this summer, here are a few top tips to surviving everything the festival season might throw at you.

Arrive early

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    It may be fashionable to show up late, but you'll be thankful for the early arrival when you have first pick of the campsite.

    Beating the crowds will increase your chances of pitching up closer to the action and will save you the tricky task of aimless wandering trying to hunt down your far away tent in the dark later on.

    Travel Light

    Avoid the temptation to over-pack and take only what you really need. Minimalism is key and you'll be glad of the lighter load when carrying everything to the campsite.

    Take a bigger tent

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    Opting for a tent that is one size bigger than you think you'll need will lend you the luxury of a bit of added space, perfect for storing your backpacks, clothes and food and leaving enough room to sleep.

    Invest in a portable charger

    A USB portable charger are a great investment to ensure you aren't left with a dead phone and they won't take up much space in your bag.

    Taking an old phone is also a great idea if you have one - you don't want to risk losing a posh, expensive one.

    Pack toiletry essentials

    Festivals are not glamorous places, so essential products like dry shampoo and wet wipes are your new best friend for the next couple of days.

    Be prepared for the toilet situation

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    There's no escaping the fact that using a portaloos is not the most pleasant of experiences, so being well prepared with toilet roll and hand sanitizer will help to make it that little less grim.

    Taking a trip to the loos first thing in a morning is also a wise idea, as you'll beat the crowds and they're usually freshly cleaned.

    Bring cash

    Cards may be convenient, but taking some cash along with you is worth doing to save you the pain of queuing at a cash point, and it's a good way to try and budget your spending over the weekend by carrying a set amount.

    Stay hydrated

    Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated, particularly in hot weather (and post hangover), is essential, so taking a refillable water bottle with you is key.

    Bring a torch

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    Finding your way back to your tent in the pitch black can be a nightmare, so pack yourself a head or hand held torch.

    Take earplugs

    Festivals are noisy places, so if you plan on getting any sleep during the weekend earplugs can be a lifesaver.

    Don't forget the rain gear

    British weather can be unpredictable and having to spend the weekend in soggy clothes is not ideal, so take a lightweight raincoat just in case.

    Wear sensible shoes

    You're going to be spending time in a muddy field and while wellies and walking boots may not be the most stylish of footwear, they're definitely the most sensible choice.