15 funny tweets to help you cope with 'Snowmaggedon'

When it comes to this kind of weather, you have to laugh - or you'll cry (Photo: Shutterstock)When it comes to this kind of weather, you have to laugh - or you'll cry (Photo: Shutterstock)
When it comes to this kind of weather, you have to laugh - or you'll cry (Photo: Shutterstock)

The 'Beast from the East' is raging, with heavy snow and extreme weather warnings across the country - including a rarely issued red warning in Scotland, meaning 'risk to life'.

While bad weather on this scale should never be taken lightly, it's important to see the funny side now and again.

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These tweets about the snow have forced us to crack a smile, even while wearing eight layers and standing waiting for a train that may never arrive.

Zoos and animal sanctuaries around the country were forced to close because of the bad weather, but some of the snow-loving residents still found reasons to be cheerful

Weather notice 28/2/18: The Zoo is currently closed due to heavy snow and ice, with more forecast on the way. We will continue to review the conditions ahead of tomorrow and post an update as soon as we are able. Please take care and check the conditions ahead of travelling. pic.twitter.com/3aSJFWE6v5

Edinburgh Zoo (@EdinburghZoo) February 28, 2018

— Dave Higgens (@DaveHiggensPA) February 28, 2018

— Maya The Jaguar (@MayaThejaguar) February 28, 2018

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Disruption to the usual routine sent some of us reeling...

It's bin day and the bin men, Have. Not. Been!. #SNOWMAGGEDON #binday pic.twitter.com/0YmzpxIKib

— Caught Jester (@brucedon5) February 27, 2018

And it wasn't just humans who didn't want to go outside this morning

— Sarah🌹 (@MsJaxx) February 28, 2018

If you thought you could escape the snow by taking the train, then think again

Stuck on @CalSleeper outside Edinburgh. Whiteout through the window and it’s snowing through the joints INSIDE the carriages. #snow pic.twitter.com/M5jyDoS3oO

— Mary Duffy (@marybduffy) February 28, 2018

On the plus side, some beautiful spontaneous pieces of art have come out of this cold snap

#uksnow #uksnowkent when the husband removes the icicles from the conservatory to make an arty display on the table! @snowwatchGB ME9 Bobbing Kent. #icicles #IsItArt pic.twitter.com/rp5zOl3zJl

— Michelle hextall (@michellehextall) February 28, 2018

You have to love a #snow day, just awesome!!!👍🏼😂❄️🌨☃️ pic.twitter.com/QUD04C2khl

— Lewis Moody (@LewisMoody7) February 28, 2018

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2 feet of snow here.....😳 #SNOWMAGGEDON pic.twitter.com/XXKhTVyLpO

— Scott Blanks (@bernieloincloth) February 28, 2018

Anyone keeping their fingers crossed for a day or two off work may have encountered a manager like this

— SpotOn London Food (@SpotOnSocialM) February 28, 2018

Oh, all those people posting sunny holiday photos? We're not jealous. Not one bit...

My dad in Kingston, Jamaica 🇯🇲 Me.........Not in Kingston, Jamaica#Snowmageddon pic.twitter.com/uEPi5V2WQ4

— Kieran Nelson (@kierannelson_) February 26, 2018

There's a lot of ill-advised panic shopping going on...

No one panic buys like the Brits, #SNOWMAGGEDON is still a couple of days away 🙈😂 pic.twitter.com/xF1uT1HhPQ

— Lenore (@lenore_twp) February 27, 2018

Why do people always panic buy bread? How did bread make it to the top of the list. I would panic buy pasta, beans and cheese. #beastfromtheast #panicbuying

— charlotte dunlop (@Dunnerzzzz_12) February 27, 2018

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But let's be honest, the main thing we're worried about running out of is internet access

“There’s a snow storm coming, school will be closed, we’ll have NO WiFi and you’re not taking it seriously” My teenager is panicking #Snowmageddon

— Annie Morris (@DesperateAnnie) February 26, 2018

We're getting sick to death of talking about the snow, but it's inescapable

News agenda of the day in brief: snow, snow, more snow, cosy things to do indoors because there is snow, nice things to eat because there is snow, warm things to wear because there is snow. Cats in snow, dogs in snow, I have more snow than you snow, etc #snowoff

— @lucydunn (@luce29) February 28, 2018

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