Everything we know about homeless man who died in Leeds after freezing weather

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A long term rough sleeper has died in Leeds this week, becoming the eighth homeless person to die in the city in the last 12 months.

A homeless charity broke the news of the man's death on Tuesday morning.

The man has yet to be formally identified

The man has yet to be formally identified

Who was he?

The man is yet to be formally identified, but was well known to both the services and members of the public.

He is known to have regularly slept rough on the streets of Leeds, but it is thought he died in hospital.

The man was known to homeless charity, Simon on the Streets, who announced the news in a heartbreaking Facebook post on Tuesday:

"Just received the tragic news that a long term rough sleeper in Leeds and one of our service users has passed away.

"He was a lovely man, well known to services and the public alike. RIP."

What were the circumstances of his death?

Gordon Laing, manager of Simon on the Streets, confirmed the news but was unable to go into details regarding the circumstances of the man's death, or his identity.

While the man was a rough sleeper, he is believed to have died in hospital, not on the city's streets.

Temperatures in Leeds dropped to a bitter zero degrees on Tuesday night, when Leeds City Council opened up emergency shelters for the city's rough sleepers.

Mr Laing said: "We fully support our service users and others living on the streets who do not feel comfortable accessing services such as emergency shelters.

"We do, however, understand that there are an adequate number of emergency beds across the whole county and we encourage all of those rough sleeping to take advantage of this when the severe weather protocols are called.

"Cold weather really is a killer.

However, Mr Laing did add that it is not always easy for rough sleepers to seek help.

He said: "Even if there are beds available here in Leeds during this freezing weather, it is not that easy.

"For someone with severe anxiety, having to go to a hostel for the night is just too much to cope with."

What is being done to help?

Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board is due to undertake its first ever review into safeguarding issues linked to homelessness.

Additionally, in October a group of Leeds charitable organisations teamed up to create The Big Change which provides a one-stop platform where people can donate money, items and time to help the homeless, rough sleepers and vulnerable people.

Tributes are pouring in

Since news broke of the man's death, heartfelt tributes have been pouring in, with members of the public taking to social media to express their sadness and shock:

Elaine Broadbent: "So sorry that society has treated you this way. RIP."

Christian Smith: "What the hell are we doing as a country to allow this to happen. No one needs to live or die like this. We need to sort this out. RIP."

Hannah Wade: "RIP this poor man and those still cold and suffering on the streets, animals too xxx."

Lindsey Brogden: "So sad! Remember hard times can fall on anybody. RIP."

Marie Lumb: "I hope he can be identified and family members can then be found. R.I.P young man."

Sam Scholey: "Aw bless him. There's just no reason people should be homeless this day and age. The system is a let down."

Sue Myers: "Disgusting in this day and age. Poor soul. Why don’t they open library’s unused buildings, churches, anything, other than people sleeping on streets. Government should hang their heads in shame."

Sue Bracha: "So sad, this should not be happening. RIP."

Caroline Lawrence Baum: "Very sad to here this is still allowed to happen. Open the churches and let them sleep."

Mary Irvine: "RIP. How tragic is this in this day and age. The money this government send abroad billions of pounds and here these poor people are left to die on our streets."

Jeni Sword-Williams: "This is absolutely tragic in this one of the richest countries in the world."

Jenny Rose: "Awful seeing these poor people in Leeds City Centre, it shouldn't be happening in this day and age."

Jezza Jay: "Something has got to be done it's so heartbreaking xxx."

Jessicaa Wilkinsonn: "God bless him! How horrible I wish more would be done for these poor people. RIP."