You're most likely to drink drive if you work in one of these professions

Construction workers are at high risk of being caught drink driving, according to new research.

Analysis from insurance comparison site Moneysupermarket found that five of every 1,000 scaffolders and 4.8 of 1,000 groundworkers have a conviction for driving while under the influence.

However, the profession most likely to have been caught drunk at the wheel is mature students - for those studying and living at home over the age of 21, 5.6 per 1,000 had been convicted of the offence.

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The findings were based on 9.8million car insurance quotes issued to UK drivers.

Labourers, roofers, plasterers and bricklayers also feature in the top 10, while 3.6 serving soldiers in every 1,000 has a conviction for drink driving.

Unsurprisingly, police officers and civilian police staff are least likely to have a conviction - the rate is just 0.026 per 1,000 for cops. Taxi drivers, research scientists, midwives and paramedics are also among the most law-abiding. Childminders and headteachers also scored highly.

The high conviction rate among construction workers has been attributed to many of them starting work early in the morning, when they could still be over the limit after drinking the previous evening.

Car insurance premiums increase by an average of £470 following conviction for a driving offence.

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