Your say: Next chapter for Leeds's iconic Majestic building

Fire destroyed the roof of the Majestic building in September 2014Fire destroyed the roof of the Majestic building in September 2014
Fire destroyed the roof of the Majestic building in September 2014
YEP readers have been having their say about Leeds's iconic Majestic building, which is all set for a distinctive new look as it continues the long road back from last year’s devastating fire.

After we revealed that an application had been submitted to Leeds City Council for permission to ‘dress’ the Majestic’s entire facade with illuminated banners measuring a total of 98 metres wide by 12 metres high, there was a passionate backlash from fans and observers of the building.

On our Facebook page, Richard Lodge said he was "not sure about this" adding that it was "turning Majestic into a giant advertising billboard effectively....."

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The story proved a big talking point on the YEP's website too.

faroutheadingley felt strongly that the plan was "more advertising to assault your senses and destroy your soul - for what?"

Glenn Quagmire felt that "just like at the old YP site, any derelict space in Leeds now is just becoming an ad space for the high and mighty to force ads down our throat all day while they pocket all the ££££££".

Freeman Leeds said: "This site needs redeveloping, and fast..never mind wrapping it in cling film for a year!!!"

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And ZacLeeds, also commenting via, said: "Whilst the fire has obviously put back the development of this site, it is a very prominent site which looks like being `doing very little` for the next 12-24 months.

"And when you take into account the `triangle` car park opposite.. which again is a development site which is not being developed..... the `Wellington Street gateway to the city from the station is an embarrassment... which is a shame when you consider the vast developments just 3 minutes walk further down the same street."

However the idea wasn't unpopular with everyone.

Gayda Jackson, commenting via Facebook,said: "It's quite popular these days to cover buildings during construction. I saw it in Berlin and thought it quite attractive, much better than just looking at a building site. I think it's a good idea."