'You degraded and humiliated her': Thug jailed for attack on ex partner

A man who 'humiliated' his former partner on a busy street by throwing her down onto the pavement, shattering her foot, has been jailed.
Steven KenneySteven Kenney
Steven Kenney

Steven Kenney had been arguing with his ex during a shopping trip to Castleford, first attacking her in her shop, then outside as she tried to walk away, Leeds Crown Court was told.

Lorena Veale, prosecuting, said that the pair had been in a relationship for about 10 months, but had been separated for two years.

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On the morning of March 27 this year, 33-year-old Kenney asked the woman if she would go with him to B&M in Castleford, saying he wanted to buy wallpaper.

He persuaded her to let him drive her car, telling he had passed his test, which was a lie.

When they got to the shop, she received a phone call from a male, which upset Kenney and he snatched the phone from her.

Caught on CCTV inside the shop, it was then claimed that he headbutted the woman and threw the phone at her.

She then left and began walking off, followed by Kenney.

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He was heard shouting and swearing at her to get back into the car but she continued walking towards the bus station on Albion Street.

He was then seen on CCTV grabbing her and picking her up over his shoulder, walking a few yards before dropping her on the floor.

The fall shattered her heel bone. Despite her screaming in pain, he continued to shout at her, telling her not to be "pathetic" and put her shoes on before either throwing the shoes at her or towards the floor.

He then went back to the car, punched the windscreen causing it to smash, before driving off at speed.

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In a victim impact statement, the victim said she had "worshipped the ground he walked on" and "could not understand how he loved me so much and do this to me".

He admitted a charge of Section 20 GBH, criminal damage, driving without a licence and insurance.

Kenney, of Rock Hill, Castleford, has 15 convictions for 20 offences including affray, battery and multiple driving charges, having never passed his test.

A probation report found he had been drinking heavily - between 10 and 15 cans of lager a day - and taking cocaine daily also.

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He admitted that it was a "toxic relationship" and is adamant he wants nothing more to do with his former partner.

Mitigating, Frances Pencheon added: "Alcohol was a real problem with his life leading up to these events.

"He is remorseful, things came to a head that day and it ended in a serious injury."

Judge Tom Bayliss QC told him: "You were doing it to degrade her and humiliate her and show you had power over her.

"It was the most degrading way to treat a woman, or anyone."

Judge Bayliss handed him a 20-month jail term and a restraining order of indeterminate length.