Yorkshire Cat Rescue rehome stray who's suffering from terminal cancer

Frank was rehomed by Yorkshire Pet RescueFrank was rehomed by Yorkshire Pet Rescue
Frank was rehomed by Yorkshire Pet Rescue
A 15-year old stray has found a final loving home through rehoming charity, Yorkshire Cat Rescue '“ despite suffering from terminal cancer.

Ginger cat, Frank was found collapsed in a front garden on Dewsbury Road in Wakefield. At first, it was thought he had been hit by a car as there was blood on his head.

With no collar or microchip to track down his owner, the vet called Yorkshire Cat Rescue volunteer, Barbara Brotherton who agreed to take him in.

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The following day, the vet diagnosed him with inoperable cancer tumours in both ears.

Barbara said: “This old cat was completely exhausted and emaciated. The vet suggested that I simply made him as comfortable as possible but I decided to go a bit further.

“Three mashed up tins of cat food, a warm wash and a bed bath later, and this poor old lad was all purrs.

“To say it was a pleasure to have known him is an understatement.

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“He is a wonderful old gentleman who must once have been much loved by someone. How he ended up like this is anyone’s guess.”

For the next few days, Frank recovered in the company of Barbara’s husband and the family’s 14-year old German Shepherd, Mortimer. Six days later, the vet could not believe the transformation, and he was taken to Yorkshire Cat Rescue in Keighley, which operates a no-kill policy.

The charity began searching for a home within its network of foster carers, and agreed to pay the medical bills for what will most likely be short-term palliative care.

Sam Davies, centre manager for Yorkshire Cat Rescue, said: “Poor old Frank has had a tough life. We don’t know where it began, and for how long he has lived as a stray, but its certain at his age he was finding it too tough living on the street.”

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“Despite it all, he is one of the most loving cats we have ever seen.”

Frank was given antibiotics and painkillers to keep him comfortable, and was treated for fleas, worms. And then he won the lottery when foster carer, Luke Turner from Halifax, offered to give him a permanent home.

Luke said: “When I heard that Frank needed a home, I just had to volunteer. This is a cat who probably doesn’t have long to live. How can you not step up and give him that final bit of comfort?

“Right now, he is very weak; an old man who has had one hell of a life. So we carry him up and down the stairs and do our best to spoil him. Frank loves a good scratch – so much so that he starts to dribble when he begins to purr. We won’t put him through another change of home; this is where he belongs now.

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“I do admire Yorkshire Cat Rescue for stepping in and saving this old boy, even with limited funds and resources. He isn’t an inconvenience but a living, breathing creature.

To help Yorkshire Cat Rescue step in and care for more cats like Frank, visit www.yorkshirecatrescue.org/donate-2/

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