YEP says: Repairing Leeds landmark Temple Works is a gamble, it could be throwing good money after bad.

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Whether you love it or not Temple Works is a building which cannot be ignored.

It’s mock-Egyptian facade, looking like the entrance to a grand pyramid, certainly makes it stand out from the crowd amongst the red brick buildings and industrial units of Holbeck, but for the last decade it has looked anything but palatial.

The former flax mill built in the 19th century was badly damaged 10 years ago when part of the roof - where once upon a time sheep would graze - collapsed and the frontage fell in.

There were high hopes that cloth of a different kind would find a home there when fashion-house Burberry looked set to take the site for a new £50m manufacturing facility. But the famous checks never came and the grey stone building looked sorrier and sorrier.

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Now the costs of repairing the building is more than the market value of the building once repaired, according to a report going before Leeds City Council.

The council wants to spend money weatherproofing Temple Works while grand designs for a renovation can be completed and it says the building could form the centrepiece to Leeds’s wider south bank masterplan.

It could do, or it might just be throwing good money after bad. The future will tell whether it becomes the jewel in the crown or an expensive grey elephant.

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