YEP SAYS: Tour behind the scenes is good news for art fans

WHO SAYS that the arts have to be highbrow?
A production at West Yorkshire PlayhouseA production at West Yorkshire Playhouse
A production at West Yorkshire Playhouse

West Yorkshire Playhouse and Opera North might appeal to the well-heeled and highly educated but that doesn’t mean that ordinary folk can’t find pleasure in their productions too.

You don’t have to be a toff to enjoy opera or a play.

So, the fact that a behind-the-scenes event is being planned tonight is great news and, hopefully, a sign of similar attractions to come.

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Tonight members of community groups linked to both organisations have been invited to a special evening at the Howard Assembly Room to learn more about the show.

It might de-mystify the experience and draw people to the arts who might otherwise decide it’s not for them.

The schemes aim to engage with people facing barriers to the arts.

Those to benefit so far include refugees and asylum seekers, people with mental health issues, recovering from addiction or dealing with social exclusion, people with learning or physical disabilities and those with dementia.

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Let’s hope as many people as possible make this event a success and that similar attractions are planned in the future.

Leeds is lucky to have such successful arts organisations.

It would be a pity if not everyone in the city was able to enjoy it.

20,000 reasons to be cheerful

THE RAINBOW Factory deserves much credit for its work over the last 12 months.

Since it was launched a year ago to promote a love of reading among young people, 20,000 visitors have been through its doors.

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What a tremendous figure. To inspire young people with a love of reading is a fantastic achievment which will improve their life chances and ability to study. It might also give them some fun too.

The Rainbow Factory was launched as an alternative to soft play centres, museums and costly attractions. It has been a huge success, so it is good to hear that the people behind it have more great ideas up their sleeves.

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