YEP says: Pubs here for more than just the beer

When pubs are shutting at the rate of 18 per week, it's heartening to hear of one which is going to re-open its doors.

The statistics come from the Campaign for Real Ale, which should know its stuff. Given real ale (or craft beer to the new beer-drinkers on the block) is still enjoying something of a revival, you would think the humble pub should be coming back into its own. But it seems not.

It is a well-rehearsed argument that increased licencing hours, changes in local populations and habits, the rise of drinking at home and cheaper alcohol in supermarkets and the like have all played their part in ensuring that running a pub is a tough business to make a living at.

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And yet the pub used to be the heart of the community, and provided more than just a warm place to enjoy a pint and a chat.

Which is probably why Nigel Thirkill, chairman of Church Fenton Community Hub, is confident the White Horse will thrive, who believes if you can get it right the financial difficulties won’t be an issue..

“There are pubs that are trading phenomenally well, turning over a significant amount of money a year and those pubs have the ticks in the boxes that you need.”

For it to be a success though it needs support from the locals, we hope it gets it and that the White Horse survives and thrives.

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