YEP Says: Let's show some pride in Leeds - a city we all claim to love

How proud are you of Leeds? Does your heart swell whenever you mention where you live to non-Loiners? Do you get angry when some unfortunate says something negative about '˜your' city?

And yet - and let’s all answer this honestly - what do any of us really do to demonstrate our love and pride for our great city?

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Individuals build communities and communities build cities. But as we heavy-heartedly report today, so many of our communities are plagued by littering, flytipping, dog mess and graffiti vandalism.

However we remain hopeful, and that’s why we are today launching our Keep Leeds Tidy campaign.

Pride isn’t just about the big banner business and infrastructure projects, or celebrating our sporting heroes, or shouting endlessly about our economic potential. It’s about truly caring about building happy, healthy communities. And there, the buck stops with every single one of us.

So, here’s our clarion call to every proud Loiner. If you see a dumped mattress in a neighbour’s garden, challenge them to remove it, or better still, help them dispose of it in the correct way. Want to reduce street litter? Then join your local volunteer group - or start a new one.

We all claim to love Leeds. Here’s our chance to team up and clean up - and prove that love.

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