YEP Says: Leeds's first gang injunction - Congratulations to all for this welcome action

THE FACT that seven men have been hit with the Leeds's first gang injunction is good news for the law-abiding vast majority of people in this city.

Good news because it shows that no one – least of all bullying gang members – are above the law.

Good news because it is the law-abiding majority who usually suffer at the hands of such villains.

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Good news because it shows that living beyond the law does not pay.

Exclusive - Seven thugs who terrorised Leeds given city’s first gang injunction: Click here for more

So-called Asbos have until now tended to be applied to low-level nuisance crime.

It makes common-sense for the principles behind Asbos to be applied to more high-level crimes. The YEP can reveal today that seven men have been hit with the city’s first gang injunction after becoming involved in a long-running feud which left a trail of destruction and misery. Almost 100 crimes, ranging from arson and criminal damage to extortion and kidnap, were linked to the dispute following painstaking work by detectives in Leeds.

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These offences have caused fear and concern among innocent people caught up in such incidents. We applaud the police, and other agencies involved for taking such a pioneering step. Let’s hope it continues. The only people who have anything to fear from this are those who think they are above the law.

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