YEP Says: Leeds bin collection changes a cause for concern

If there's one thing guaranteed to get council tax-payers hot under the collar, even in the coldest weather, it's the vexed topic of bin collections.

Having a big pile of rubbish outside your house, too big to fit in your wheelie-bin and with the next collection still days away, might not be the end of the world but it is infuriating and unsanitary.

So it’s with interest and a little concern that we note that Leeds council is slashing the number of bin rounds across the city as it looks to streamline the service.

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The changes are an attempt by city leaders to slash millions from their annual waste management budget, in response to the never-ending demand for cost-cutting created by years of Government cuts.

But with some councillors already expressing concerns about rubbish being left on the streets in their ward, it’s important to the city’s civic pride that standards are kept as high as possible.

Council leaders say the number of complaints about bin collections have been falling for some time. They insist that, although some scheduling changes may be necessary, the service the city receives will remain unaltered.

It’s a safe bet that if they fail in that aim, residents with overflowing bins won’t be shy in letting them know.

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