YEP Says: Joined-up plan is needed to help our airport grow

IT SHOULD go without saying that a city as big as Leeds should have strong transport links.

Its roads should be able to cope with the volume of traffic and there ought to be sensible rail links from towns round and about.

So the current situation at Leeds-Bradford is far from ideal. The airport is cut off at the top of a hill, the road network struggles to cope and there simply isn’t a railway connection.

If ever a situation needed a masterplan, this is it.

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The boldly-titled strategic development plan aims to tackle these issues for a facility which is the number one international gateway to Yorkshire.

It won’t happen overnight, The plan outlines how the site could grow between now and 2030. It covers important issues such as an expanded terminal building and the addition of a freight park and a science park.

But only by tackling the basic access to the site - whether by road or rail - will such developments become a reality.

The airport’s chief executive says they are planning for growth. Some parts of the plan have been floated before but this is the first time they have been pulled together into one overarching document.

We need joined-up thinking to improve our transport. The sooner it starts, the better.

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