YEP letters: October 4

The refurbished toilets at the bus station '“ which is used by 30,00 people every day '“ reopened on Sunday, but passengers will have to pay 20p when they spend a penny, so we asked our Facebook freinds to let us know their views on paying to spend a penny.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 8:53 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 12:54 pm
Charging at bus station toilets should ensure they are kept clean
Charging at bus station toilets should ensure they are kept clean

If you saw what cleaners had to deal with

Donna Wright, via Facebook

It’s about time. As an ex-cleaner in the Leeds bus station, this is the kind of news I’ve been waiting to hear.

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We tried for years to get them on a payment system without any luck.

Only a person who has cleaned toilets in a public transport environment would truly appreciate the benefits of this.

As for the people who are complaining, it’s your choice whether to use them or not – or you could always spend the day with the cleaners there and see what they have to do.

Brr... get some heating on

Treena Dennell, via Facebook

You want to try investing in some central heating. The bus station is freezing, very uninviting, and the seats are hard and cold.

Totally against the charges

Zafar Syed, via Facebook

I’m totally against it ’cause if you look closely homeless people could have used it without a problem, now more issues are building for everyone. Really sad.

Let’s hope they are maintained

Paul Gibbs, via Facebook

I REALLY do not expect anything else.

Be interested to see if these toilets are property maintained, doubt it, but hope to be proven wrong.

Use a free loo and save 20p

Helen Reynolds, via Facebook

For those complaining, you don’t HAVE to use them. Visit another free toilet and you can save 20p. Problem solved! I’d rather pay 20p and use a clean facility than visit a free one that is a complete hovel.

Don’t mind if they are clean

Ann Barraclough, via Facebook

I JUST hope they are kept 
well clean. Don’t mind paying to use a clean toilet but hate it when you pay and it’s dirty. When it is I don’t use it and 
I’ve paid money for nothing then.

There should be an attendant

Beena Sambhi, via Facebook

To be fair most public stations with so much traffic have the cost.

It stops any unsavoury people hanging around. 
I personally don’t mind, as long as there’s an 

You get what you pay for

Richard Whitfield, Via Facebook

You get what you pay for and 
as a nation we seem to insist on an unsustainably low basic rate of tax and less and less is coming back to local authorities so you may as well privatise spending a penny as most other essential services have been.

An attack on the homeless

Robert Crowe, via Facebook

The decline in public restrooms attacks the homeless, and is symbolic of the fact that an increasing amount of communal space is owned and controlled by the drive for profit.

Rail station charges already

Laura Lawson, via Facebook

They’ve charged in the train station for years and they are always busy so I highly doubt a 20p charge is something to rage about. They also charge in the market and in the St John’s centre. If you don’t have change there is a change machine in the coach station so they possibly may install the same in the bus station side.

Paying to use the toilet is hardly the worst thing in the world it’s just everyone wants everything for free these days.

Look to Europe for examples

Helen Reynolds, via Facebook

In Eastern Europe you pay for the toilets all over and they’re lovely and clean and manned too or well (wom)manned!

Others are free and spotless

Gillian Baillie, via Facbook

So long as they are kept clean and well equipped with loo roll, handwash and hand dryers. Although Leeds bus station should take a look at loos at Castleford junction 32, always spotless, and free.

Money will pay for cleaners

Rachel Simpson, via Facebook

They charge 20p and use the money to pay decent cleaners or they don’t provide toilet facilities at all. No one is asking you to use them. At least they’ve revamped them now anyway.

I think it’s a total rip-off

Rosemary Wood Hemm, via Faceook

All public toilets should be free. What if you have a little child who’s bursting and you don’t have any coins on you?. Total ripoff!

Our city should have more

Helen Mcgowan, via Facbook

Don’t mind paying if the facilities are going to be well kept and clean.

But Leeds is horrendousfor public toilet facilities as a whole considering what a big city it is.

Upgrade the waiting areas

Kath Mardle, via Facebook

Rip off paying to use stinking toilets when they already rip off us payment extortionate prices for their fares for a very average service and at times, poor service. You need to upgrade the waiting facilities first!

It is a joke! No reason to pay

Craig Hobson, via Facebook

It’s a chuffing joke in the first place!

Why should we have to pay for something that is totally natural and outside of our control?

Station loos need a revamp

Sue Smith, via Facebook

I THINK they need to crack on and refurbish the miserable three on Leeds railway station platform – they’re free but you’ve paid handsomely for a ticket at that point!