World’s smallest Bible and scroll confiscated by the Nazis on show in Morley

Bible Times exhibition in MorleyBible Times exhibition in Morley
Bible Times exhibition in Morley
Visitors to the Central Methodist Hall got to see a rare torah scroll confiscated by the Nazis at a unique exhibition.

The Morley branch of the Gideons International organised the Bible Times event, which enabled the public to browse a number of ancient and unique religious exhibits - among them the world’s smallest Bible.

With the support of town mayor Coun Simon Kimberley, hundreds of people turned up to examine the artefacts, manuscripts, scrolls and models on show, which included a life-size model of High Priest and Bible translator William Tyndale, a 2,600-year-old Egyptian necklace, papayrus, coins and ancient Bibles.

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As part of the display, organisers ran a competition to find Morley’s oldest Bible, leading to local residents digging out old family heirlooms. Winner Leif Wilkes’s copy won after being found to date from the late 1700s.

The three-day exhibition was also attended by 200 pupils from local schools.

“It proved to be a very worthwhile educational and informative experience for them. Special sessions for school pupils enabled them to appreciate the massive influence of the Bible on the history, education and development of our society,” said Gideons secretary Andy Dalton.

Since it opened in Morley 25 years ago, the group has distributed 50,000 Bibles around the town.

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“It was an amazing experience to be able to visit this exhibition and browse through the incredible number of artefacts and displays. We are grateful for the work of the Gideons in helping to bring the bible and its relevance to a new generation of people in our town,“ added Coun Kimberley.