World Still Here: Saturday apocalypse prediction falls flat - so when is the world going to end now?

The Earth: It's still here. But for how long?
The Earth: It's still here. But for how long?
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Doomsday predictors were left with egg on their face today after the world failed to end as feared.

This article was written last night, just in case, so if you're reading this: congratulations, there was no apocalypse.

So when IS the world going to end?

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What science says: 2100?

According to NASA, global shifts in weather and temperature patterns will cause significant change by 2100, thanks to 'growing concentrations of greenhouse gases' in Earth's atmosphere.

The dataset, which is available to the public, shows projected changes worldwide on a regional level in response to different scenarios of increasing carbon dioxide simulated by 21 climate models.

The high-resolution data, which can be viewed on a daily timescale at the scale of individual cities and towns, will help scientists and planners conduct climate risk assessments to better understand local and global effects of hazards, such as severe drought, floods, heat waves and losses in agriculture productivity.

If not 2100, then it will definitely happen by the year 5,00,002017 (that's the year five billion, two thousand and seventeen). The sun has approximately five billion years left in it.

What the conspiracy theories say

The world was *supposed* to end on September 23, 2017, according to a theory about 'Planet X' and Nabiru. The 'numerologist' who put forward the theory that the world would end yesterday now says that Saturday was only the beginning of the end, and that it would still end within weeks.

Which one do you believe?

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